At Direct Line we recognise that you can’t put an age limit on the desire to get out and explore the world. In fact all the evidence points to the fact that an increasing number of over 50s, and indeed those over retirement age at 60 or 65 years, are taking more holidays – both at home and abroad. Time to explore.

Often, reaching the age of 50 coincides with the kids leaving home and having more time and disposable income to spend on yourself. The holiday options that are available today are also so wide and varied that there is something for everyone. Whether you are still young at heart and want an action‐packed adventure through the jungle, prefer to take things easy with a relaxing break at the seaside, or explore new interests on a cultural tour through Europe.

The ‘silver surfer’ generation are also well catered for by specialist holiday companies and have plenty of advice at their fingertips thanks to the internet. According to one study, over half of our citizens over 50 have now used this method to book a holiday, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Being able to explore the world online before you book, and arrange a holiday without having to trudge through town is a dream come true – even for those under the age of 50!

But while more holidays are being taken by the over 50s, many people in this age bracket have found getting insured can be expensive, or nigh on impossible with some companies. Not so with Direct Line Travel Insurance.

We don’t place any age limit on our Single Trip Travel Insurance policy, although there is a maximum trip duration of 42 days (rather than 90 days) if you are aged 60 years or over. So, if you want to fly off to Paris for the weekend or go walking in Austria for a month, you can set off with full peace of mind at 50, 60, or 70 years. This includes up to £10 million cover for medical emergencies, up to £1,500 for loss or theft of personal belongings and up to £5,000 for cancellation or curtailment of your trip. For more details, see our Summary of Travel Insurance. You can also find full terms and conditions that apply on our Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy Document.

We also offer Annual Travel Insurance up to the age of 74 years. The same benefits and conditions apply as for our Single Trip Travel Insurance. However, you can travel for a total of 120 days a year, as long as no trip lasts for more than 42 days. That means you could almost make every weekend a holiday in the space of one year! You can find out more about this cover on our Annual Travel Insurance Policy Document.

As well as taking out Direct Line Travel Insurance, it’s wise to get hold of a European Health Insurance Card if you haven’t already done so, visit the EHIC website for further information and apply for a European Health Insurance Card. This gives the holder a degree of free health cover throughout most of Europe and won’t cost you a penny.

You should also make sure your health is in good order before you travel. It is vital that all travellers make a full medical disclosure when buying their Direct Line travel insurance, as the all pre‐existing conditions must be disclosed. If, after buying your Direct Line travel policy, you or another insured person is diagnosed with any new medical conditions, you must call us and let us know. If we have the wrong details you could be travelling uninsured and this could be costly if you need to make a claim.

It’s easy to travel insured with Direct Line when you’re over 50. Just apply for a quote for our Single Trip Travel Insurance or Annual Travel Insurance today.

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