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Get a gift card worth up to £180, depending on your monthly premium, with a new life policy

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Only choose a premium you can afford and only apply for the cover you need. The gift card will be sent once your policy has been in force for six months.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance will help protect your loved ones financially should you die during the length of the policy. You can take out a single or joint policy with Direct Line, provided by AIG, with fixed payments if you don’t make any changes.

Your beneficiary will receive a lump sum to help pay off things such as a mortgage, debts, bills and expenses. You can apply for life insurance up to the age of 75.

Many people take out life insurance at key moments in their lives, such as getting married, buying a house, having a baby or over 50s life insurance when approaching retirement.

Why choose life insurance from Direct Line?

Direct Line insurance is provided by AIG Life UK, an award-winning specialist. AIG has 1.2 million customers and recently received the 2019 Organisation of the Year award from Protection Review

Unlimited, 24/7 access to a GP

Get Smart Health services at no extra cost, giving you and your family unlimited, 24/7 access to health and wellbeing experts. This includes GP appointments over the phone or video call.
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This service can be withdrawn at any time

£10,000 advance payment

This is a payment of up to £10,000. It brings some early financial relief when a claim has been agreed but you’re waiting on final payment.

  • 99% of life insurance claims paid out
    Based on AIG data, 99% of life insurance claims were paid out in 2018. Find out more
  • Your life insurance monthly cost stays fixed
    If you don't change your policy, the monthly cost stays the same, helping you to budget.
  • 7% discount for existing Direct Line customers
    Available for the duration of the policy. Subject to a minimum monthly cost of £5.

What type of life insurance do you need?

How is our Over 50s Insurance different from our Life Insurance?

With Over 50s Life Insurance, you'll be insured for the rest of your life without having to go through any medical assessments. You're guaranteed to be accepted if you're aged up to 85 (81 if you smoke), and the insurance payout can go towards things such as funeral costs.

We offer two levels of life insurance:

Level term life insurance

With level insurance, you choose the amount you want paid out. This stays the same throughout the length of your policy, as do your monthly payments, unless you decide to make changes.

This may be suitable if you want to choose a specific amount of life insurance or if you have an interest only mortgage, as the cover amount remains the same.

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Decreasing term life insurance

This is designed to cover a repayment mortgage. Your amount of cover will reduce each month, to reach zero when your insurance ends. This works in the same way as the outstanding amount on a repayment mortgage with an annual interest rate of 8%.

Unless you change your policy, your monthly payments stay the same throughout the length of the policy.

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For both level and decreasing term

Do you need a single or joint life insurance policy?

A single policy only covers one person.

A tax-free lump sum is paid out when the policyholder dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness during the policy.

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A joint policy covers two people in a relationship.

A tax-free lump sum is paid to the surviving partner when the other dies, or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, during the policy.

The surviving partner will no longer have a life insurance policy, but will have the option to take out a new single life policy.

If both partners die at the same time, there will only be one payment.

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Calculate how much life insurance you may need

Think about the age of any children who depend on you financially, or the time left on unprotected loan payments, or the number of years left on your mortgage.

It's easy. Let's get started

Critical illness cover for cancer, heart attack and stroke

You can add Critical 3 to your Life insurance policy, which gives you an extra level of cover for cancer, heart attack and stroke, for an added cost. If you're diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack or suffer from a stroke during your policy, you'll be paid out a sum of money as long as you survive for 14 days after diagnosis. If you choose to add Critical 3 as an optional extra to your Life Insurance policy, you must purchase both at the same time.

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Important information

Things you need to know

  • If you cancel your policy or miss a payment, your cover will end after 30 days.
  • If you choose to add Critical 3 as an optional extra to your Life Insurance policy, you must purchase both at the same time.
  • This isn’t a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made. Inflation may reduce the value of your cover.
  • As premiums are calculated on risk, we consider your age, health and lifestyle, including whether you smoke.

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Download life insurance policy documents

Remember, if you already have life insurance with us, the wording of your policy may differ from the one you'll find here.

Direct Line customers are introduced to AIG Life Limited (AIG) by UKIBS

AIG policies taken out after 22 July 2019

L&G policies taken out between 1 January 2013 and 20 July 2019

Life insurance frequently asked questions

Critical illness cover is designed to pay out if you’re diagnosed with a specific illness which could have a severe impact on your life. Direct Line’s critical illness cover, provided by AIG is called Critical 3 and can be added for an extra cost when buying Life Insurance. Critical 3 gives you an extra level of cover for specific types of cancer, heart attack and stroke. Please refer to the policy documents for more information.

Yes, you can have more than one life insurance policy, and they don’t need to all be with the same provider. When you apply for a new life insurance policy, you may be asked whether you already have life insurance, as certain restrictions may apply.

You can choose how much life insurance you buy, subject to terms and conditions. You might want your policy to pay out the value of your mortgage, a specific lump sum for your dependants or provide enough to cover both. To help you get an idea of how much insurance you might need, take a look at our cover calculator.

AIG hopes and encourages its policyholders to stay healthy at this time, claims related to Coronavirus would be reviewed and handled like any other life insurance claim.

This will depend on how you set up the policy. In the event of your death, the payment will normally go to:

  • Your spouse/partner if you have a joint policy with them.
  • Your estate, unless the policy is in a trust or is owned by someone else.
  • A trust, if that’s what you’ve specified. Trustees will distribute the money in accordance with your wishes.

In the event of a terminal illness or critical illness claim the money usually goes to the person covered.

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