Accidents happen. Whether it’s dropping your phone in the sink, spilling red wine on your favourite white rug or a football smashing your windows, nobody wants to have an ‘oops’ moment. But if you do, Accidental Damage cover can help. We’ll cover a variety of accidents that cause damage to your belongings or buildings.

Accidental Damage cover protects your things from sudden, unintentional physical damage that happens unexpectedly. It can apply to Buildings, Contents or both – it depends on the cover you have in your Home Insurance policy. If you have Home Insurance Plus, Accidental Damage is included as standard.

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What's included in Accidental Damage?

We cover:

Accidents to your belongings (when used with Contents only insurance) caused by sudden, unintentional damage. Some examples include:

  • Spilling wine on your carpet
  • Dropping your laptop down the stairs
  • Dropping your phone in the sink
  • Jammed DVD players or consoles with toys stuck in them

Accidents to your buildings (when used with Buildings only insurance) caused by sudden, unintentional damage. Some examples include:

  • A football smashing your window
  • Cracked bathroom sinks
  • Putting a foot through the floor whilst in a loft or attic
  • Leaky gas or water pipes if you bang a nail in where you shouldn’t – perfect for DIY fans

We don't cover:

  • Damage to bicycles
  • Damage to money
  • Damage caused by any paying guest or tenant
  • Loss or damage when it’s been more than 60 days since you last slept at your home on a regular basis

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