Over 50s
Life Insurance
just £5 a month

Price is dependent on age

Limited to two per household when your policy has been in force for 3 months. Tell me more about this offer.

What is Over 50s Life


Our Over 50s Life Insurance, provided by Legal & General, is designed to pay out a cash sum when you die, providing you’ve had the policy for more than a year. The cash sum could be used to help your loved ones with everyday bills, contribute towards funeral costs or be a gift for grandchildren.

You can also place your policy in a trust. A trust enables you to specify who will be a beneficiary and who will look after the proceeds in the event of your death.

You'll be covered for the rest of your life, but will only pay monthly premiums until your 90th birthday.

£300 extra towards funeral costs with our Funeral Benefit Option

Help your loved ones through a difficult time by planning your funeral.

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Bigger payouts for non-smokers

We've recently changed our payouts to give non-smokers in some age groups a bigger amount for the same premium as some of our competitors, providing better value.

Guaranteed to be accepted

UK residents between 50 and 80 are guaranteed to be accepted, and we won't ask for any medical or health assessments.

How do we compare?

How do we compare to
other insurers?

To help you see how we measure up, we compared our Over 50s Life Insurance to other companies. Our comparison is based on a 65-year-old paying £20 a month. You can see that Direct Line pays out more for the same monthly costs.

Product name Payout Payable Monthly cost
Direct Line Over 50s Life Insurance
Direct Line Over 50s Life
£3,818 After 1 year Age 90
Royal London Over 50s Life Cover
Royal London Over 50s Life
£3,812 After 1 year Age 90
Aviva Guaranteed Lifelong Protection
Aviva Guaranteed Lifelong Protection £3,428 After 1 year Age 90
Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan
Sun Life Direct Guaranteed
Over 50 Plan
£3,729 After 2 years Premiums paid for life

Our comparison is based on a 65 year old non-smoker paying £20 a month.

‘Payout' and ‘Payable’ taken from Royal London, Aviva and Sun Life Direct websites on 19th September 2018. The cost and payout is dependent on your individual circumstances. All terms and conditions vary. Features of each product may vary.

Important information

  • You can make a claim for the full amount of cover after one year, regardless of the cause of death. If you die from natural causes within the first year we'll refund any premiums paid, unless your death is the result of an accident, in which case we'll pay your cash sum.
  • Depending on your lifespan, the total amount paid in premiums may be more than the cash sum payable on death.
  • Inflation will reduce the buying power of your cash sum in the future.
  • The plan is not designed to meet the full costs of a funeral, and does not guarantee to do so.
  • If you stop paying your premiums before the end of your policy, your cover will end 30 days after your missed premium and you'll get nothing back.
  • This is not a savings or investment product. Your policy has no cash value unless a valid claim is made.
  • You get 30 days to change your mind about taking out the policy. If you decide to cancel within 30 days, any premiums you may have paid will be refunded.

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Frequently asked questions

q1 Do I need a medical?

No, anyone can apply as long as they are aged between 50 to 80 and a UK resident. Over 50s Life Insurance requires no medical or health assessment, so you are guaranteed to be accepted.

q2 Will my premiums go up?

No, your premiums will stay the same throughout the whole policy. On your 90th birthday you will stop paying premiums but your cover will continue.

q3 Can I reduce premiums?

You may be able to reduce your premium, as long as you have held your policy for at least one year. If you choose to reduce your premium it cannot go below the minimum premium and your benefit will reduce. This option can be used once per policy, as long as we still offer this option.

For further information please call us. We will write to you to confirm if this change can be made.

q4 Can I put my plan in Trust?

Yes you can. Putting your life insurance policy in Trust means that any life cover cash sum can go to the people you choose. Your chosen beneficiaries could receive the cash sum without the need for probate to be granted. And, under current tax rules, it could help protect the cash sum from Inheritance Tax. A Trust is a way of giving away something of value (the asset) for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries) but without giving them full access to and control over it. The Trust specifies who may benefit from the asset. The Trust will also specify who you want to look after and control the asset (the trustees). Your professional adviser may charge you for any advice provided.

q5 Do you offer over 60s life insurance?

If you are over 60, Direct Line offers Life insurance or Over 50s Life Insurance, both of which are provided by Legal & General. You can see some features, eligibility, benefits and what you need to know on our website. You may find either or both products suit your needs, it's up to you to decide.