Video: Fabric softener fixes

Rachel Greene-Taylor
Written by: Rachel Greene-Taylor
Posted on: 15 March 2016

We all know fabric softener can be used to soften clothes, make them easier to iron and smell lovely. But did you know fabric softener also has a bunch of other handy uses?

Watch our video below to find out how you can use fabric softener in ways you never thought possible…


To prevent static shocks

When your clothes are charged with static electricity, making contact with anything can give you a nasty shock. Simply spray fabric softener on your carpets to stop this static charge.

Mix two caps of fabric softener with water into a spray bottle, and spray the carpet lightly before leaving it overnight.

This should be the end to all those unwanted static shocks.

To stop the dust on your screens

Use fabric softener sheets to reduce the static cling on your various screens and monitors.

All you have to do is wipe down your screen with one, and dust will be repelled for longer. No more dead skin hindering your high definition.

To freshen up your shoes

Do your shoes stink? Don’t despair.

Pop a fabric softener sheet into each shoe and leave them in over night for a first-class freshen up.

You’ll no longer be embarrassed of your funky smelling feet.

So there you have it – a few quick and easy fixes to get the most out of your fabric softener.

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