Pet Healthcare

Browse our frequently asked questions from other pet owners below.

Why should I treat my dog or cat for fleas?

  • Despite their size, fleas can cause health problems to both you and your pet. Making sure your pet is treated for fleas can prevent illnesses such as skin irritation, allergic reaction, tapeworm and in rare cases anaemia occurring.

Why should I vaccinate my dog or cat?

  • Getting your pet vaccinated allows your pet to develop immunity to serious diseases. This means that if your pet comes into contact with a disease, it will be protected. Prevention is always better than cure.

Why should I microchip my dog or cat?

Benefits of microchipping your pet:

  • It will be easier to be contacted and reunited with your pet. The first thing vets, rescue centres or the police will do with a stray pet is to scan it for a microchip.
  • If your pet is involved in an accident, a microchip will allow vets to contact you for emergency procedures.
  • It protects your pet from being stolen. When microchipping your dog or cat, ask for a tag to show that your pet has been microchipped – they’re usually free of charge.
  • When you find your pet, a microchip can assist with proof of ownership.
  • It will be a legal requirement in Wales by 2015 and England by 2016 that all dogs must be microchipped. Owners that do not comply may face a fine of up to £500.

Why should I get my pet neutered?

  • Neutering is important for both males and females. It helps reduce the risk of some medical conditions, behavioural issues as well as unwanted kittens and puppies. Having your male cat neutered can reduce the risk of fighting, roaming, urine spraying and infectious diseases. As a result of neutering, you may notice that your pet becomes more loving and gentle.

Is my pet overweight?

  • Obesity is rapidly becoming a common problem in pets. Overweight pets are much more likely to develop serious health problems such as joint problems, diabetes, heart and breathing problems. That’s why regular weight checks by your vet are important. This way it’s possible for any weights issues to be detected early and dealt with promptly.
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Do you have any  insurance policies  with Direct Line?

Things you need to know about Over 50s life insurance:
Premiums stop after your 90th birthday but you still enjoy cover for the rest of your life. In the first year, if you die from natural causes we will refund any premiums, or if you die as a result of an accident, we will pay your cash sum. After the first year regardless of the cause of death we will pay your cash sum. Depending on how long you live, the total sum paid in premiums may be more than the cash sum payable on death. If you stop paying your premiums before the end of your policy your cover will stop 30 days after your missed premium and you won’t get anything back. This isn’t a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made. Inflation will reduce the buying power of your cash sum in the future.

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