Water moves fast.

Fortunately, so do we.

An Emergency Plumber
within 3

With Direct Line Home Plus we'll move fast when you have an uncontrollable water leak.

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Excludes Highlands and Islands. Extreme weather conditions may extend response time. Terms and cover limits apply.

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Home Emergency included as standard


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Optional extra

We'll send an Emergency Plumber to your home within 3 hours to stop uncontrollable leaks

No mid-term amendment fee if you need to make a change to your policy over the phone

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Five frequently asked Home Emergency questions

Do I have emergency plumber cover in my policy?

This comes as standard with our Direct Line Home Plus insurance. It can also be added on as an optional extra with our Home Insurance at an additional cost. Emergency plumber cover is part of our Home Emergency add on.

What's an uncontrollable water leak?

An uncontrollable water leak is a leak from your internal plumbing and drainage that you cannot stop and which causes continuous damage to your home.

What's a home emergency?

A home emergency is an incident in the home which, if not dealt with quickly, will do at least one of the following:

  • Make the home unsafe or insecure for its occupants
  • Cause damage to the home and its contents
  • Leave the home without its primary source of heating, lighting or water

Do I have to pay an excess for an emergency plumber?

No, there is no excess for a Home Emergency claim.

What's the cover limit for an emergency plumber call-out?

We will pay up to £500 (including VAT) for each emergency assistance call-out to cover the cost of the call-out, labour at the customer's home, and parts to fix the leak.