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Home insurance cover levels

Our handy comparison table below will help you understand our cover levels.

Home Insurance Home Insurance Plus SELECT Premier
Buildings insurance
Covers the main structure of your home if you need to rebuild or repair it after a fire, flood or theft.
Up to £1 million Unlimited Unlimited
Contents insurance
Covering the value of all your possessions in the home.
Up to £50,000 Up to £100,000 Unlimited
Trace and access
Replacing any parts of the building that were removed to help get to escaping water.
Up to £5,000 Up to £10,000 Up to £15,000
Alternative accommodation
For you and your pets, in case you can’t live at your home while it’s being repaired after an insured event.
Up to £40,000 Up to £80,000 Unlimited
Up to 3 years
Sets and suites
Repairing or replacing an entire set, suite, group or collection of items.
Personal possessions
Cover for portable items that you take out of your home, like laptops and mobiles.
Accidental damage
Covers situations when unexpected accidents happen, such as spillages on the carpet, breakages around the house or drilling through hidden pipes.
Home emergency
Covers emergencies that occur in your home like broken boilers, faulty locks and uncontrollable water leaks. Limited up to £500.
Optional Up to £1,500
Family legal protection
Provides a 24/7 helpline and up to £100,000 cover for claims including contract disputes, personal injury and motoring prosecution. Protection provided only when more than a 50% chance of recovery.

The right cover for you

Contents and buildings combined

If you own your property, combining both options can often work out cheaper.

Contents insurance only

This is ideal if you rent your home. It covers items inside the house, garage, shed and garden.

Cycling insurance

Whether you’re a keen racer or casual rider, our specialised cycling insurance can cover you, your kit and your bike.

Why do you need home insurance?

Having home insurance means you won’t be out of pocket if you need to repair your home or replace your belongings after they’ve been stolen, damaged or destroyed.

It comes in two parts: buildings insurance (cover against damage to the property itself) and contents insurance (for damaged or stolen items within the home). These can be combined or bought separately, so the first step is deciding which option is better for you.

What we offer

  • We'll act fast to replace your tech
    We'll be ready to send replacements for everyday items like phones and laptops within two hours of an approved claim - reconnecting you ASAP.
    Theft claims and accidental loss up to £3000. Cover limits apply. Excludes jewellery. 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat. Personal possession cover needed for items outside the home.
  • We fix your uncontrollable leaks
    Worried about uncontrollable leaks in the home? With Home Insurance Plus, we can send an emergency plumber within three hours.
    Excludes Highlands and Islands. Extreme weather conditions may extend response time. Terms and cover limits apply.
  • We don't charge for changes
    If you need to make a change to your policy we won't charge you an administration fee.
  • We give you more choice
    When your claim is approved, you can have a brand new replacement where available, or we'll give you the cash.
    Items must be stolen or damaged beyond repair. Cash limited to the cost of the replacement to Direct Line. Cover limits apply. Delivery available UK mainland only. Excludes jewellery.

What isn't included?

We don't cover:

  • Wear and tear, maintenance and routine decoration
  • Theft, vandalism or accidental damage caused by a paying guest or tenant
  • The cost of repairing or replacing items following a mechanical or electrical fault
  • Damage or theft if the house has been unoccupied for more than 60 days in a row

Other types of cover

Landlord insurance

Whether it’s flexible options or specialist legal advice you need, our landlord insurance has been designed with buy-to-let owners in mind.

Insurance for tenants

From furniture to frozen food, if you rent an unfurnished property then you’re responsible for everything in your home.

Home insurance policy documents

Are you a new or recent customer?

If you've taken out home insurance with us within the last 12 months, or you're still deciding on whether to buy, you can use our latest policy booklets as a guide.

If you requested online access to your documents when you bought your policy with us, just click below to view them.

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Have you had your policy for more than a year?

If you need to make any changes to your policy, please call us on 0345 246 8372 .

Just answer a few simple questions below, and you’ll be able to view your documents straight away.

Which type of policy do you have with us?

When did you first buy your policy?

When did you first buy your policy?

When did you last renew your policy?

When did you last renew your policy?

When did you last renew your policy?

When did you last renew your policy?

Please note: this policy booklet is a guide. Some of the wording used may differ from what's in your own policy documents.

Key factors impacting your insurance quote

The greater the risk of loss and damage to your home and belongings, the higher your insurance quote is likely to be.

Your premium is based on several factors relating to you, your home and the value of your items.

  • Where you live
    It could be that you live in a city with a higher crime rate, a woodland area affected by tree roots or a rural location exposed to severe weather conditions.
  • Size of your house
    If you live in a large house, the cost to have it rebuilt is likely to increase the buildings element of your quote.
  • How close you are to water
    Due to a higher risk of flooding, homes near rivers or coastlines are generally more expensive to insure.
  • Age and property structure
    The age of your property and materials used to build your house can have a huge impact on your quote. For example, wooded structures are particularly vulnerable to fire, termites and rot.
  • Your lifestyle
    Factors like your age, whether you’re married with children, or if you’re away from home for long periods of time can all have an impact on your quote.
  • Materials on your roof
    Common tile and slate roofs are easier to insure than those that are flat (vulnerable to burglars and weather damage).
  • Value of your contents
    The more expensive your items are, the more it will cost you to get them insured.
  • Previous claims
    Even if you’ve moved into a new house, your claims history is still taken into consideration. And not telling us could invalidate your policy.

There are many reasons why the cost of your home insurance premium may have changed on renewal, with some having a bigger impact than others.

Your premium is based on several factors relating to you, your home and the value of your items.

  • Introductory discount
    Any introductory discount to a Direct Line policy won’t apply beyond the first year. This could account for any big changes to the cost of your premium.
  • Previous claims
    Your claims history is taken into consideration when pricing your policy. If you’ve made a claim in the previous year this could result in an increased premium.
  • Inflation
    Inflation increases the price of goods and services, impacting Direct Line’s claims and general expenses. Policy premiums will reflect such changes.
  • Crime rate
    A spate of crimes resulting in more home insurance claims could see premiums increase to reflect the new risk level of your home’s location.
  • Severe weather
    Periods of extreme weather, such as prolonged cold or rain, can result in an increase in customer claims. This can lead insurers to review the likely cost of future claims.
  • Changes to IPT
    You don’t pay VAT on insurance, instead you’ll be charged Insurance Premium Tax (IPT). This is included in your premium, so any changes to the rate will affect what you pay.

What you need to get a home insurance quote

  • Property details
    Knowing if your house is a listed property or not, what type of building it is and the year it was built.
  • Structure details
    What your exterior walls are mostly made of (e.g. brick or stone) and how much flat roof space you have (including porches, bays and garages). If you’re unsure, we’ll give you options with an explanation of each.
  • Room details
    The total number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Personal details
    Details of any previous claims you’ve made, and details about anyone else you want to include on the policy.

When you might need to call us

There are some situations where you won’t be able to get an online quote because we need a few more details. If that happens, just give us a call on 0345 246 3564 .

You may need to ring us if:

  • Your home is a listed building
  • You’re insuring a second home
  • You’ve more than five bathrooms or six bedrooms
  • You want to insure standard items over £100,000
  • You want to insure individual valuable items over £2,000 with Home Insurance or £4,000 with Home Insurance Plus
  • You’ve previously made a claim for over £5,000

Need more help?

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Opening hours:

  • Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm
  • Sat 9am - 5pm
  • Sun 9am - 4pm

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you take out our Personal Possessions cover. This is available as an optional extra under the Direct Line Home Insurance policy and covers your personal belongings (including up to £500 for Money) against theft, loss or accidental damage anywhere in the British Isles and for up to 60 days abroad each year. Any individual items worth more than £2,000 must be specified on the Direct Line Home Insurance policy.

Personal Possessions cover is included as standard under the Direct Line Home Insurance Plus policy (when you select contents cover) and covers your personal belongings (including up to £1,000 for Money) against theft, loss or accidental damage anywhere in the world. Any individual items worth more than £4,000 must be specified on the policy.

We will provide cover for your contents whilst in storage, but only when using a professional storage facility, for up to 72hrs. Your contents would also be covered against accidental loss or damage whilst you are in the process of moving.

You need to let us know the value of individual items of jewellery, fine art, watches, antiques and sporting guns in excess of £2,000 with Home Insurance or £4,000 with Home Insurance Plus. These items will then be specified (listed) on your policy.

If you are changing address, please call us on 0345 246 3564 to discuss. If you're selling your home the buildings section of our policy automatically covers the buyer up to the date that the sale completes however if you require cover for a new property which you are in the process of buying or a property which you have already moved into then you will need to speak to our customer services team to discuss this on 0345 246 3564 .

Direct Line Home Insurance will pay up to £5,000 for Trace and Access cover. This includes removing and replacing any part of the building in order to find the source of water escaping from tanks, pipes, appliances or fixed heating systems that are causing damage to the building.

Cover increases to £10,000 for Home Insurance Plus, and to £15,000 for Select Premier customers.

What's not covered is repairing or replacing the tanks, pipes or heating systems themselves.

Yes. Direct Line Buildings Insurance customers get up to £25,000 for comparable accommodation including kennel fees for pets, and lost rent. This applies if all or part of your home is not fit to be lived in when a valid claim has been made, or your home is occupied by squatters.

Home Insurance Plus Buildings customers receive up to £50,000 in alternative accommodation cover, while Select Premier cover is unlimited for up to three years.

Direct Line Contents Insurance will pay up to £15,000 for the cost of alternative accommodation, kennel fees and the storage of your contents. Cover increases to £30,000 for Home Insurance Plus Contents customers.

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