Video: Top 5 winter car tips

Rachel Greene-Taylor
Written by: Rachel Greene-Taylor
Posted on: 15 December 2015

You wake up late and you’re in a rush. You get everything you need for work, get out to the car and… great, it’s frozen. There’s no chance of being on time now.

If only you’d watched our Top 5 Winter Car Tips video first.


How to make a homemade anti-icer spray

Who needs expensive de-icer, laden with chemicals? You can make your own anti-ice formula with two ingredients and a spare spray bottle (just keep one when your kitchen cleaner or similar runs out).

Give the spray bottle a thorough rinse and then:

  • Mix three parts vinegar with one part water
  • Fill up the spray bottle
  • Spray the windscreen at night before the temperature dips really low

The mixture stops the ice forming on the windscreen and you can simply blast it off the next morning with your washers.

How to make a homemade car dehumidifier

Foggy windscreens can take ages to clear when your heater is warming up. Here’s a quick and easy fix.

You will need:

  • An old sock
  • Some cat litter

Fill a sock with clean cat litter, and tie a knot in the sock. Put it on the dashboard next to the windscreen. The cat litter soaks up the moisture in the air, which means your windscreen won’t be foggy and coated in condensation in the mornings.

Sock your wipers

So we’ve stopped ice on the outside, and condensation and fog on the inside, but what about those annoying frozen wipers. Easy.

Grab an old pair of socks (maybe that novelty pair you received last Christmas?) and simply pop them over the end of each wiper when you park up in the evening. No more frozen wipers!

The freezer bag trick

Frosty wing mirrors can be a real annoyance. Scraping off the ice is a pain, and then you misalign your mirrors and have to fuss around getting them back into the right positions.

Instead, just take a couple of freezer bags and put one over each wing mirror in the evening. Come the morning your mirrors will be clean and clear.

How to clean headlights

In the winter, with all the mud, water and salt on the roads it’s easy for your headlights to get smeared and hazy. Not what you want when driving during the dark.

There’s an easy fix. Buy some standard toothpaste and use it to leave your headlights sparkling.

Squeeze some toothpaste onto the plastic and then wipe in a circular motion with some clean tissue. Once the casing is covered in toothpaste rinse it off with clean water for a beautiful finish.

There you have it, five easy hacks to help you deal with those little winter driving annoyances.

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