7 car games to play with your kids

Rachel Greene-Taylor
Written by: Rachel Greene-Taylor
Posted on: 7 July 2016

Are we there yet?

Kids get bored very quickly, and if you’ve got a long journey planned it can be a job to keep them entertained.

So we’ve lined up some car games to help make those miles pass quicker.

1. What am I counting?

How to play: This is an easy one. Pick a player to count something outside – traffic lights, pedestrians, dogs, houses, road signs. They can’t tell anyone what they’re counting.

Every time they pass the object they’ve picked, the player has to count out loud, adding to their score. The rest of the players have to guess what’s being counted.

Tip: Try not to pick things that are rarely seen, like houses with three chimneys or orange cars parked on a driveway. If the player’s object hasn’t been seen for three miles, then you can mix things up by ending their go.

2. Guess who

How to play: Player one picks a person – it has to be someone everyone in the car would know – and all the other players have to ask questions to figure out who it is. Player one can only answer “yes” or “no”.

The interrogation could go along the lines of:

Is your person a man? Yes
Is he over 50? No
Is he famous? Yes
Is he a singer? No
Does he play sport? Yes

And so on… (we were thinking of Crystal Palace and Wales midfielder Joe Ledley, by the way).

3. Guess the next car

How to play: This is a good one for country roads or areas with less traffic.

It’s simple; all the passengers have to guess the colour of the next car coming round the bend. If you get it right, then you get a point. You can also add the model of car if you’re feeling brave.

4. The never–ending sentence

How to play: This game is trickier than it first seems.

One player says a sentence without finishing it, and the next player has to carry it on without bringing the sentence to a full stop. If a player finishes the sentence, then they’re out.

For example:

Player one: I went shopping the other day and bought…
Player two: A bag of potatoes but one was…
Player three: Mouldy so I took them back and exchanged them for…
Player four: A new t-shirt, for when we go to…

5. Yes/No game

How to play: Another classic that shouldn’t be overlooked, the yes/no game can catch out even the strongest-willed passengers.

The player in the spotlight gets asked a bunch of questions, but they’re not allowed to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. They can’t use the same answer twice and there can’t be any drawn out pausing.

Tip: If you say things like “really?” or “are you sure” this usually triggers a spontaneous “yes” or “no” response.

6. Alphabet game

How to play: Pick a theme, for example girl’s names, then go through the alphabet – so everybody must come up with a girl’s name beginning with A, then B, then C… etc.

For example:

Round one: Amanda, Amy, Angelica, Alice, Ava
Round two: Belinda, Betty, Belle, Betsy, Beth

Take turns to go first, and if you can’t think of a name beginning with that letter (Ys and Zs are always pretty hard!) then you lose a life. Also, you can’t repeat the name or take too long.

Other categories we suggest: birds, dogs, drinks, TV shows, films and cartoon characters.

7. Rhyming celebs

How to play: Now’s your chance to create your own celebrity rhyming slang. Forget the apples and pears or the dog and bone, start making up some of your own.

He enjoys canned goods – it’s Tiger Woods
She once owned a Jeep – meet Meryl Streep
Children run miles – it’s Adrian Chiles

You get the idea.

We hope these games will make longer car journeys a bit more bearable for the whole family – and all without a tablet or mobile phone in sight!

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