Young male driver looking at the dashboard of the car

Why do I need car insurance for business use?

If you use your car every day as part of your job, whether it’s driving to different offices or visiting clients at various locations, you’ll need to insure your car for business use.

Unlike standard car insurance, which covers social trips and commuting, business car insurance allows you to drive wherever your work takes you.

What’s more, if you insure your car for business use, you can add another colleague as a driver on your insurance policy if they use the same car when visiting clients – it doesn’t matter if you live at different addresses.

Is this different from company car insurance?

Yes, it is different.

A company car should be insured by the company that owns or leases it, as part of its fleet insurance. But if you insure your car for business use, you only insure your own personal car.

What about van insurance?

If you use a van every day as part of your job, chances are it’s essential to your livelihood.

Our Commercial Van Insurance means you can keep your business on the road if something happens to your van, with the option of adding insurance for tools up to £500.

Need further information?

To get a quote, add a business colleague to your policy or find out more about insuring your car for business use, give us a call on 0345 246 8701.

If you need more information about insuring vans or other commercial vehicles for commercial use, visit Direct Line for Business.