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Electric car insurance

Updated on: 26 February 2021

an electric car is plugged in to a charge point

Once an automotive oddity, electric vehicles are now a common sight on our roads. Whether it’s hybrid cars or fully-electric models, the benefits of electric vehicles are numerous, for both the owner and the environment.

However, electric vehicles still present some challenges, such as the distance you can practically cover in a day being less than in most traditional cars, and access to power points not always being easy.

But with concerns over environmental damage from petrol and diesel, fossil fuel costs, and fears of peak oil, we’re likely to see more and more electric cars over the next few years.

But are there any special insurance issues surrounding these cars?

What is e-car insurance?

E-car insurance is pretty much the same as your regular variety of car insurance. It protects you in the event of an accident involving your vehicle.

Because electric cars operate differently to traditional vehicles, there are some things you should keep in mind when insuring your electric car:

Battery cover

Whether you’ve bought the car’s battery or you lease it, you need to know if it will be covered should you have an accident. Some manufacturers may expect you to insure the battery, while others may replace or repair it themselves at no extra cost.

Power cable cover

When charging an electric vehicle you’ll have to plug it into a charging outlet, and this means cables trailing across the ground.

If you’re charging at home on your driveway or in a garage, then that’s fine. But what if you’re parked on the street and need to run a cable across the pavement?

Cables on the floor present a trip hazard, which could mean injury and a potential insurance claim. It’s worth speaking to your insurer to see if they have cover for these kinds of claims.

Special circumstances for electric cars

Electric vehicles do present some other bonuses compared to traditional cars. The first is that they are exempt from road tax, which will end up saving you a fair bit of money each year.

The Government also offers a plug-in car and van grant. If the electric car you’re buying meets certain criteria, then you can get a grant towards the cost of the car.

E-car insurance is a relatively new field, so take your time when shopping for an electric car insurance quote.

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