Young woman handed car keys

For many, learning to drive is a rite of passage that signals a young person’s move from childhood to being a young adult.

They’re no longer dependent on mum and dad, and have the freedom to go where they like, when they like. It also comes with steep costs once you factor in driving lessons, test fees, the cost of a car, and the insurance.

Young drivers have high insurance costs because statistically they are more likely to have an accident and the costs of their accidents are also likely to be high. In 2016, drivers aged 16-24 accounted for around 7% of all full driving licence holders in the UK, but were involved in about a quarter of all road accidents which led to death or serious injury.

Black box (or telematics) insurance has been designed to help your children stay safe on the road.

Monitor how they’re driving

It’s often difficult to gauge how well you’re driving, especially when you’re young and flush with the excitement of having your own set of wheels. But with black box car insurance, you and your child have access to real data that reveals how they’ve been driving.

Do they accelerate and brake harshly? Do they take corners too quickly? What times are they out on the road? All of this information and more is accessible at any time through an online dashboard.

Armed with the facts, you can help assess their performance and offer advice on how they should be driving to stay safe.

Be rewarded for safety

Although the stats say that younger drivers are more likely to take risks and be involved in more accidents, this doesn’t apply to every young driver.

So, for some it can feel unfair to be hit with high insurance when they drive sensibly. And, as you’ll no doubt be subsidising their insurance, it can be a bit unfair on the bank of mum and dad too.

The information from telematics boxes (the technology behind black box insurance) allows insurers to offer a tailored premium that’s adjusted based on individual driving performance. This means that if your child drives carefully and responsibly they could be rewarded with lower premiums. It’s a positive incentive, and one you’ll want to push if you’re paying for all or part of their insurance.

Black box insurance also means that in the event of their car being lost or stolen it can be easily tracked down, and can even offer insight into what caused an accident should they be unfortunate enough to be hit by another vehicle.

You can’t be with them on every car journey, but with black box car insurance you can help your child become a smarter, safer driver.