What is black box insurance?

Using telematics technology, we’ll give you a small plug-in for your car so we can monitor your driving performance.

We’ll also give you an upfront discount, as long as you’ve passed your test.

DrivePlus is suitable if you’re 25 or under, and your car was built in 1996 or later.

DrivePlus Terms and Conditions

Why choose DrivePlus

  • Upfront discount applies to your first year
    Discount if you’re 25 or under, new to Direct Line and you’ve passed your test. Further discounts are available at the end of the year dependant on score.
  • DrivePlus
    Keep track of all your journeys and scores on our telematics app. If you drive safely you may be eligible for a discount at renewal.
  • No tools required
    A small plug-in that’s easy to set up yourself.
  • Direct emails
    Receive regular feedback and updates on your performance.
  • Free download
    Our DrivePlus app is in the Apple and Android app stores.

How does DrivePlus work?

plug icon

1. Plug in

Buy a DrivePlus policy and recieve a plug-in with a simple step-by-step guide on how to fit. If your vehicle is not compatible, you’ll receive a professionally installed device.

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2. Drive

Once installed, simply go for a drive. The device transmits data to us, which we use to analyse your driving style.

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3. Check

Looking at factors such as speed, smooth driving (acceleration/braking), roads you drive on, length of journey and time of day.

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4. Renewal

If you drive safely and get a high score, you maybe rewarded with a discount when renewing your insurance. The higher you score, the less you’ll pay.

The DrivePlus Portal

Get feedback on your driving and view summaries of your journeys. All you need is a computer or smartphone.

Download the free app