If your home is in complete chaos after a severe water leak, Direct Line will spring into action to help get your lives back on track, starting with the agreed plan of action within 24 hours.

Get a quote Excludes Highlands and Islands. Extreme weather conditions may extend response time. £450 Escape of Water excess applies.
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Here's how we compare

Why choose Direct Line? Direct Line MoreThan Aviva Admiral
Admin fee for adjustments made online* £0 £0 £8.96 £19.50
Items ready to send two hours after approving your claim**
Choice of cash or replacements***
Severe leak response time communicated
Plan agreed and into action within 24 hours ****
Sourced from insurers policy booklets, mystery shopping and websites. * Data correct as of April 2017 | ** Data correct as of June 2017 | *** Data correct as of June 2017 | **** Competitor information sourced by information collected by calling the insurer (mystery shopping), insurer websites and competitor policy booklets as of January 2018.

Five frequently asked Escape of Water questions

q1 Do I have emergency plumber cover in my policy?

This comes as standard with our Direct Line Home Plus insurance. It can also be added on as an optional extra with our Home Insurance at an additional cost. Emergency plumber cover is part of our Home Emergency add on.

q2 What's a severe water leak?

A severe water leak is one that will have caused significant damage to your home and/or presents a health and safety risk.

Significant damage may have been caused by a burst pipe, appliances in the home or overflowing water from sinks and baths.

q3 'Plan agreed and into action within 24 hours' - What does this actually mean?

Dependent on your individual claim circumstances and the cover in force, we can (if safe to do so):

Carry out a risk assessment to identify potential hazards, including asbestos cases for onward appointment of relevant experts

Test/make safe electrics or carry out temporary installation work

Remove standing water/items damaged beyond repair, including sodden carpets, floor coverings and wallpaper

Clean/sanitise areas, including application of an antimicrobial / biocide to tackle potential issues with mould and bacteria

Take moisture readings - to confirm which areas are wet and require drying

Install dehumidifiers/fans/air movers to start the drying process

Capture damage on camera

q4 Do I have to pay an excess for an escape of water claim?

Yes, there is a £450 Escape of Water excess that will apply to all claims

q5 What happens if I can't live in my property due to the leak?

In some cases after an insured event, your home may be uninhabitable and accommodation arrangements will be made.