Black and white dog covered in dirt lying next to some purple flowers in a garden October 24, 2018

There's no Animal NHS to cover the rising cost of veterinary treatment, making the need for pet insurance greater than ever.

Just like humans, animals can get ill and have accidents. They can eat small stones or poisonous plants in the garden, and pick up all kinds of internal and external parasites that demand a trip to the vets. This comes at a price.

Pet insurance covers the treatment of medical conditions which can run into hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Direct Line pet insurance also includes access to PawSquad, providing live chat and video calls with UK vets who can answer questions relating to the care of your pet.

  • Vet and nurse treat injured tricolour dog on their table
  • Tabby cat at the vets with a white cone around its neck

We also offer a range of pet insurance add-ons which can help cover you for other unforeseen circumstances:

  • If your dog causes damage to someone else's property, then you'll be pleased to have third party liability cover.
  • Get help with kennelling costs if you’re admitted to hospital.
  • A contribution towards advertising costs and a reward if your dog or cat goes missing.
  • Money towards the cost of having to cancel a holiday because of your pet’s urgent care needs.
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