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Who do you blame for accidents in your home?

Updated on: 22 May 2020

red wine spills on a carpet

Accidents happen. Of course they do. But who gets the blame?

Direct Line did some research to see how many Brits confess to their clumsiness.

Of the 18.3 million Brits who admitted having an accident in their home, a quarter blamed someone else for the mishap.

Who gets blamed?

According to the research, partners are at the top of the list (30%) when it comes to getting the blame for an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Friends get 28% of the blame, and 24% of people blame an Act of God.

And what do we do to repay our pets for their unwavering loyalty? Well, 22% of us blame our furry friends for accidents in the home – even if they’ve been on their best behaviour.

Finally, 19% of people blame children between 4-12 years old – nothing like a good lesson in honesty!

Why do people pass on the blame?

Honesty is the best policy, right? So why are so many people afraid to confess?

The main reason for the hesitation to confess is embarrassment (15%) – I guess knocking red wine over your new cream carpet could be pretty soul-destroying, but blaming your best mate won’t ease the tension.

Then there’s the 8% that were afraid of the consequences, and the 7% that thought they could get away with it.

What are the most common accidents in the home?

Out of all the people we asked, 21% said damage to walls and scratched paintwork was the most common accident. Spilled alcohol made up 14% of accidents, and damage to furniture made up 7%.

No need to pass the blame with accidental damage cover

Have you ever blamed someone else for your own accident?

Maybe you’ve been too embarrassed to admit you’re the one that dropped the ceramic pot and chipped the new fireplace. Well, if you take out accidental damage cover on your home insurance policy, you can breathe a big sigh of relief, clear your conscience and own up to any future accidents.

You can get accidental damage cover for your contents – this is for things like spilling a cup of coffee on your keyboard, or your iron scorching the carpet.

But you can also get accidental damage cover for buildings – for things like kicking a football through the conservatory window or falling feet first through the loft.

You’ll never have to hide the truth again!

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