Digital cameras have revolutionised the art of taking holiday snaps, with images you can check, transpose to a computer and send to friends while you’re still away. Direct Line know how important a camera and the pictures you take can be, especially to capture your memories abroad. That’s why our full range of travel insurance – Single Trip, Annual and Discoverer policies – includes photographic equipment under the personal possessions section of cover.

In fact with Direct Line travel insurance, all your high risk valuables – including cameras, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, computer equipment, binoculars and telescopes – are covered to the value of £250 (single item and total limit). For most camera owners this is welcome news, with many popular digital and standard film camera models coming in at around the £200-£250 mark. Since cameras are also most frequently used outside the home, and subject to more chance of loss or theft, it’s even more vital to have adequate camera insurance.

Our new‐for‐old policy also means we will pay up to £250 to replace a stolen or damaged camera with a brand new replacement model. (Please note that if you believe your camera was stolen, a police report will be required before we can settle your claim).

With Direct Line travel insurance, your children are also covered for independent travel under your policy. For added peace of mind, that means any photographic equipment or other valuables they take on a school or other supervised trip are covered too.

So whether you’re away for the weekend, make several trips annually or are planning a gap year, Direct Line can cover your camera under one of its travel insurance policies. Get a quote from Direct Line today.

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