Included in our Backpacker insurance...

Up to £10M emergency medical cover

We want you to feel safe when you travel, so we’ll pay up to £10 million if you have a medical emergency on your trip.

Also included...

  • Up to £1,000 insurance for your personal belongings
    Insure your bags and their contents. Up to £1,000 for items that are lost, stolen or damaged while travelling.
  • Legal expenses and 24‐hour helpline
    For practical UK legal advice and expenses up to £50,000. Find out more
  • End Supplier Failure cover
    If the end supplier of your travel arrangements go bust, we will pay for costs not protected elsewhere. Find out more
  • Children's cover
    We’ll cover any insured young person under 18 providing they’re travelling with an adult insured under the policy. Find out more
  • Personal accident
    If you’re accidentally injured on your trip, we’ll pay £10,000 if the injury is the cause of your death (£1,500 if you’re under 18). £10,000 will be paid for the loss of sight or loss of limb, while £25,000 is paid if you can’t work after two years.
  • Lost or stolen passport
    Up to £500 for extra travel and accommodation costs while you arrange a replacement.
  • Disaster cover
    If you can't stay at your accommodation due to a disaster we'll pay the necessary extra travel and accommodation expenses. Find out more
  • Delayed personal belongings
    If an airline or other travel provider has delayed your bags for more than 12 hours, we’ll provide up to £200 for any essential personal belongings you need to buy.
  • Personal liability
    Up to £2 million if you're found to be legally liable for an incident that you caused during your journey that resulted in physical injury or death, or accidental loss or damage to property.
  • Cancellation or cutting your journey short
    Up to £5,000 if you need to cancel or change your holiday plans.

What's not included

  • Abandoned journey
    You won't be able to claim if you abandon your journey for any reason.
  • Winter sports
    We won't pay out for any claim relating to winter sports.
  • Delayed or missed departure
    You won't be able to claim should your departure be delayed or missed.
  • One-night UK trips
    Trips lasting a single night aren’t covered by the policy.
  • Non-UK residents
    We won't pay for any claim unless you’re a permanent resident of the UK.
  • One-way trips
    One-ways trips will not be covered. Your trip must be a return journey starting and ending in the UK.
  • Undeclared pre-existing medical conditions
    Let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions before you take out a travel insurance policy with us or you won't be covered.

Other travel insurance cover options

Annual Multi-trip Cover

Worldwide cover for multiple trips up to 42 days each.

Each trip up to a maximum of 42 days. All travellers must be under 75. Quotes valid for 90 days.

Single Trip Cover

Perfect for a one-off family trip lasting up to 90 days.

Trips must be 90 days or less, or 42 days or less for travellers 60 and over. Quotes valid for 90 days.