Taking time out after school or college to travel is a popular option among students, while people already working are increasingly taking a career break to do temporary casual work abroad or simply to travel. Whichever group you are in, it’s important to make sure you won’t be caught out financially in a foreign country – and find yourself facing a lot of unexpected costs. This is where Direct Line can help…

Direct Line has a travel insurance policy designed specifically with backpackers in mind. Called Discoverer, it’s aimed at anyone under 55 who is taking an extended trip of between three and 18 months (up to 12 months in Europe or 18 months worldwide). Temporary casual work abroad is covered for up to three months at a time*.

Discoverer covers up to £1,000-worth of personal possessions (with a single item limit of £250 and a total valuables limit of £250) and up to £500 of personal money (with a cash limit of £250). There is also £250 per person available in the case of a lost passport. Discoverer covers up to £3,000 for cancellation or curtailment of your trip and up to £2 million in personal liability, £10 million in medical emergency and expenses abroad and £25,000 in personal accident. Legal expenses are covered up to £25,000 per person.

There are also 24‐hour Emergency Helplines that offer Direct Line’s Assistance Service wherever you are in the world, and a separate phone number for making a claim.

It all adds to peace of mind while you’re enjoying your travels. So if you’re planning an extended trip, get a quote now to find out how you could get a good deal with our backpacker travel insurance policy.

*Not including manual work, as defined in the policy wording.

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