While there are people who are happy to spend their holidays lying on a Spanish beach, there are those require a little more adventure. And the adventure market is one that continues to grow. One quick search on the Internet reveals a whole world of possibilities - from white water kayaking and mountain trekking, to scuba diving and extreme snowboarding.

Of course, as your holidays become more adventurous, the risk of injury increases. Tales of accidents and broken bones while taking part in adventure holidays are commonplace, and if you don't have the right travel insurance, it can be costly. According to the website Cultural Cube, if you break a leg while on holiday in the USA, inpatient treatment will set you back around £10,000, while an air ambulance repatriation to the UK could cost anything up to £35,000.

Each of Direct Line's travel insurance policies - whether it be single trip travel insurance, annual travel insurance or 'Discoverer' - offer travel insurance that can cover certain activities. These policies automatically include cover for trekking, parascending, kayaking, scuba diving (to 18m), surfing and water skiing (some with certain restrictions) and the Discoverer policy automatically includes organised safaris, horse trekking and even one bungee jump. For a small premium you can add a range of winter sports insurance including on- and off-piste skiing (with a guide or instructor), snowboarding and bobsledding (not available on the Discoverer policy).

You can find out exactly what is and isn't covered on your travel insurance online by checking our travel insurance summary of cover and reading the policy wording. You can also get a quote online in minutes and if you buy online, you will receive an extra discount.

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