• Almost a third (32 per cent) of non-drivers plan to learn in 2016
  • Men watch out - 10 per cent of women will not be attracted to you if you don't drive
  • 43 per cent of existing drivers plan to abide by New Year's driving resolutions in 2016
  • Top driving resolution is learning to park

New analysis from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals 2016 is the year for driving-related resolutions1. A third (32 per cent) of people who have not yet learnt to drive plan to do so next year.

The main reason non-drivers plan to learn to drive in 2016 is getting to a certain age and realising they need to drive (35 per cent), now being able to afford lessons (22 per cent) and needing to drive for work (17 per cent).

Top 10 reasons for learning how to drive in 2016
Getting to a certain age and realising they need to drive 35%
Now being able to afford lessons 22%
Needing to drive for work 17%
Having children 17%
Public transport is now too unreliable 17%
2016 New Year's Resolution 14%
Finally found the time 13%
I was embarrassed about not being able to drive 13%
Public transport has become too expensive 11%
I have more confidence in my ability to drive now 9%

Source: Direct line Car Insurance

Not being able to drive may have an impact on more than just people's ability to get from A to B. More than a quarter (28 per cent) of people say knowing that someone could not drive would impact on their opinion of them. Some say they would see non-drivers as reliant upon others (14 per cent), while others would be less likely to be attracted to them (seven per cent). Other negative views include seeing them as lazy, less intelligent, or less physically skilled. Just six per cent would be impressed by a person's decision not to drive.

Women are more likely than men to think negatively about non-drivers, with one in 10 (10 per cent) less likely to be attracted to a non-driver.

The study also highlighted that it's not just learner drivers making resolutions, as 43 per cent of existing motorists are planning driving-related resolutions for 2016. One in six (17 per cent) aim to become better at parking, while others resolve to look after their car more by having them fully serviced (16 per cent) and regularly checking tyres (14 per cent). A further one in six (17 per cent) plan to become safer drivers in 2016 by reducing the speed at which they drive or driving less aggressively.

Wendy Pearson, head of marketing at Direct Line commented: "It's great to see so many non-drivers planning to push themselves and learn to drive in 2016. New Year resolutions are so often to do with diet and exercise and it's impressive to see people trying to learn something new. Driving also opens up an array of new employment and leisure opportunities."

An overwhelming majority (95 per cent) of prospective drivers will be taught to drive by a driving school instructor; however one in five (20 per cent) of 18-34 year olds plan to ask their parents.

The top reason why non-drivers have not yet learnt to drive is because they don't have the money for lessons (43 per cent). A further third (31 per cent) don't have the money to buy and / or run a car and one in five (21 per cent) live in areas where public transport is sufficient so they have never felt the need to learn to drive. Unsurprisingly, this rises to nearly two fifths (39 per cent) of non-drivers living in London.

An additional one in five (19 per cent) non-drivers are fearful of driving and thinks it's too dangerous. This figure rises to over a quarter (26 per cent) of female non-drivers compared to just six per cent of males.

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Notes to editors

1 Research carried out by Opinium Research online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2012 UK adults between 18th - 21st December 2015

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