• One in twenty people who have lost or damaged things were too embarrassed to claim on their insurance
  • Two in five Brits do not claim insurance on items they break or lose
  • 37 per cent couldn't be bothered to claim while 14 per cent didn't know they could claim
  • Phones (19 per cent), kitchenware (11 per cent) and laptops (10 per cent) are the most common items broken or lost but unclaimed

More than one million people feel too much shame to claim, according to new research1 from Direct Line Home Insurance. One in twenty people, who have broken or lost items, do not claim on their insurance because they are either embarrassed to admit they owned the item or explain how the incident occurred.

The study highlights nearly half (43 per cent) of Brits do not claim insurance on items they break or lose, with 37 per cent of these stating it is because they didn't think it was worth the hassle. A further 14 per cent did not realise they could.

Mobile phones (19 per cent), kitchenware (11 per cent) and laptops (10 per cent) are the most common items broken or lost but unclaimed. Most 'non-claimers' lost or damaged their item due to their own clumsiness (40 per cent) while 12 per cent simply forgot where they had placed it. A further 11 per cent admitted that they had caused damage by falling with the item.

Table one: Top 10 table of items most commonly damaged but not claimed for

Rank Item and % of respondents
1. Phone (19 per cent)
2. Kitchenware (11 per cent)
3. Laptop (10 per cent)
4. Jewellery (9 per cent)
5. Other (8 per cent)
6. TV (7 per cent)
7. Clothing (7 per cent)
8. Tablet (6 per cent)
9. Furniture (6 per cent)
10. Sports equipment (5 per cent)

Source: Direct Line Home Insurance, 2016

Rebecca Clapham, head of household product at Direct Line: "It's interesting to see that some Brits are too embarrassed to claim for items and would rather replace them out of their own pocket than admit to what the item was or the situation that led to it being lost or damaged. Human error is often an unavoidable consequence of our busy lives so it's perhaps not surprising that so many of us have accidentally broken something or forgotten where we put it. With the right insurance you don't need to worry if you spill a drink over your laptop or break your item in an embarrassing scenario!

"It is slightly concerning that many Brits choose not to claim on their insurance because they didn't know they could or because they couldn't be bothered. We urge homeowners to ensure they have the right insurance for their possessions and to read their policy documents carefully."

People spend over £130 replacing the item themselves, with men spending more (£141) than women (£128). Those living in the East Midlands front the most, spending £176 on replacing items. In comparison, those living in Scotland spend the least (£112).

Notes to editor

1Opinium Research interviewed a UK nationally representative sample of 2,002 people, between 5th and 7th July 2016. Figures have been scaled up to a nationally representative sample and regional breakdowns should be seen as indicative only. The one in twenty figure is based on those who lost or damaged an item but did not claim on their insurance.

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