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Mike Shaw
Written by: Mike Shaw
Posted on: 2 December 2015

The 12 Dismays of Christmas

The magic of Christmas is upon us, and homes across the country are starting to prepare for family celebrations.

But Christmas can also bring worries, so Direct Line’s team of fixers has been looking at what really bothers people over the festive period.

We’ve found that more than half of the nation suffers from Advent Anxiety - specific seasonal worries during the month of December.

And so, our #DirectFix team have added some tinsel to their boiler suits and are travelling the country to help fix some of the stresses associated with Christmas.

Renamed the Direct Line #merryfixmas team for December, look out for them fixing Advent Anxiety in your city this month and contact them using the hashtag #merryfixmas.

Directline merryfixmas

Directline merryfixmas

Advent Anxiety

The phenomenon of Advent Anxiety creeps up in the first week of December and affects 64 per cent of women, and 51 per cent of men. So we asked thousands of people what they find most stressful about Christmas, and some of the results were surprising. Christmas shopping is the country’s biggest worry, concerning a third of the nation, with overspending coming second. Almost a quarter of people worry about their Christmas turkey going wrong, and one in five get stressed about wrapping presents.

Here’s the full list:

Top 12 Dismays of Christmas

  1. Christmas shopping
  2. Overspending
  3. Christmas turkey failures
  4. Wrapping presents
  5. Family arguments
  6. Picking the wrong gift for someone
  7. Presents ordered online not arriving on time
  8. Weather conditions ruining festive plans
  9. Forgetting to buy enough presents
  10. Shops not having intended gifts in stock
  11. Keeping the magic of Christmas alive
  12. Forgetting an ingredient for the Christmas meal

Our #merryfixmas team are setting off this week and will travel the country, helping to fix wonky Christmas trees, tangled lights, ruined party clothes and forgotten presents.

Let us know if you need anything fixing as you prepare for the festivities by tweeting us using the hashtag #merryfixmas. And follow our fixes – and our red vans travelling the country on @DirectLine_UK.

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