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Some people still buy their life insurance cover from their bank, building society or from a financial advisor. And for those with complex needs this may remain the most appropriate way to meet their insurance demands.

Today, however, more and more people are buying life insurance online or over the telephone from companies like Direct Line. Buying direct from a provider means that you don’t need to make an appointment at your bank or have a financial advisor visit your home. On the contrary, you’re in control of the process from start to finish.

And so, you can take your time and choose the right products and payments for you and your family from day one ‐ without the hard sell. Another good thing is that if you want more information, or you have a question, you can call their expert team. Even if you start your purchase online you can always switch over to a telephone call if you prefer.

Bear in mind, once you’ve bought your policy, your insurance provider will want you to stay with them for many years. From time to time your life insurance needs may change: you may buy a larger house, you may have another child or a child may leave home. That’s why you’ll need to consider your life insurance requirements every so often and change your policy or buy more cover as and when it meets your needs.

Good to know

At Direct Line we’re trying to make our products and policy documents as simple as possible so you can buy the product that meets your needs more easily.

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