Moving house always hovers at the top of the list when it comes to stressful life events. Ask anyone who’s done it, and they’ll most likely agree.

So, we’ve created a handy guide to ease you through the process — from the moment you decide to move, until the day you settle into your new home.

2 months before…

  • If you're renting, confirm your moving date with your current landlord.
  • If you're selling or buying, get all the legal bits and bobs in place early, including life insurance.
  • Check your home insurance - make sure it covers your move.
  • Get all your valuable possessions assessed for insurance.
  • If you're not covered, your removal company should be able to provide cover.
  • If you have kids, transfer their school records.

6 weeks before…

  • Make a full inventory of your possessions.
  • Decide what to take to your new home and where you’re going to put everything.
  • Start getting rid of things you no longer need. You can give them to charity, hold a car boot sale, or give them to your friends. Moving house is a great time for a good sort out.
  • Get removal quotes and references from local companies - check their cover limits.
  • If you're not using professional removers, ask friends and family to help.
  • Book extra storage space if required.

1 month before…

  • Organise to have your new house professionally cleaned.
  • Don't forget to clear out lofts, sheds, storage rooms and outside spaces.
  • Notify utilities companies and switch home insurance to your new home address.
  • Change other relevant direct debits and standing orders.
  • Register at a new GP and dentist if you're moving out of the area.
  • Arrange for your post to be forwarded to your new address.
  • Send out change of address emails and messages to friends and family.
  • If you need furniture or carpets for your new home, order them now and arrange delivery for when you move in.
  • Removals men and truck
  • Man fitting carpet

2 weeks before…

  • Finalise all the important details with your removal company and estate agent; confirm times, contact numbers, parking and directions.
  • Arrange for child and pet care on your moving day – ask friends and family to help out.
  • Book additional services such as disassembling/reassembling furniture and un-plumbing the dishwasher if your removal company is not handling it .
  • Cancel local services and memberships and settle outstanding bills.
  • Go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and make sure there's no food left before you move out.

1 week before…

  • Arrange a time to collect the keys for your new home from the estate agent or new landlord.
  • Gather all the keys from your old home for the new owners or tenants.
  • Make arrangements to pay for your move. Ask for receipts of any deposits paid.
  • Defrost the fridge and the freezer – they should be completely empty and dry before moving.

On the day you move out…

  • Take notes or photos of all utility meter readings for water, electricity and gas.
  • Make sure the removal team knows which boxes and items are fragile – use labels.
  • When the movers have completed packing, check your inventory again – if everything is accounted for, just sign and you're ready to go.
  • It’s a good idea to walk around the house for one final check.
  • Hand over all the sets of keys to the new owners or the estate agent.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and utilities are switched off.

On the day you move in…

  • Pop the kettle on, have some biscuits and enjoy a break with your friends, family and the removal team, before you start unpacking.
  • When you're ready, give instructions to the removal team on what needs to be moved and where.
  • Once again, account for each item on your inventory. Make sure you're happy with everything before the removal team leaves.
  • Did you read the utility meters? Write down details or take pictures.
  • Check you have all the keys you need.
  • Take a deep breath – you did it!