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Become a better driver
and get rewarded

DrivePlus and telematics insurance: What you need to know

DrivePlus is our telematics insurance - also known as black box car insurance. Based on the driver monitoring technology of telematics, it’s designed to capture how, when and where your car is driven. At Direct Line we use telematics insurance to better understand how you drive, analyse your performance and give you feedback on your driving style. This way we can offer you premiums based on your driving record. Simply put, if you drive safely, you could save money.

We call this DrivePlus.

How it works


Take out a DrivePlus policy and we’ll send you the DrivePlus Plug-in. It’s so easy to set up, once you plug it in, it will do the rest.


As you drive, the DrivePlus Plug-in will monitor your driving behaviour for things like braking, and acceleration.


Check your driving score and how well you’re driving on our DrivePlus Portal.  


If you drive safely, you’ll be rewarded with a discounted premium at renewal based on your driving score.

The DrivePlus Plug-in: Our black box car insurance


Drivers under 21 get a 25% upfront discount when they take out a DrivePlus policy


Make your life on the road safer. Discover DrivePlus Plug-in and make it work for you.

  • What kind of driver are you? Monitor and improve your driving with data collected from the plug-in device.
  • How much money can you save? Benefit from an upfront discount of up to 25%* on your car insurance when you buy our black box car insurance policy.
  • How can you get it? When you take out a car insurance policy with Direct Line, you’ll be asked to opt-in to a DrivePlus Telematics policy and enter the code DRIVEPLUS. After you have purchased the policy we’ll send you the DrivePlus Plug-in by post - it’s incredibly easy to install it yourself.

* Drivers under 21 can get a 25% upfront discount, while drivers aged 21-25 can get at least a 15% upfront discount. Drivers 26 and over may also receive a discount, but if your premium is under £500 you may pay extra in your first year's premium to receive the DrivePlus Plug-in. The DrivePlus Plug-in is only available for cars manufactured later than 1996.


The DrivePlus Portal


Find out how you can become a better, safer driver


There are a lot of great reasons to use our portal.

This is where you can…

  • Learn about how you drive
  • View a summary of your journey data
  • Get feedback on your driving score
  • Track your car’s location from anywhere
  • Get information on your car’s health

The DrivePlus App


Try DrivePlus before you buy with our smartphone app


Wondering what your phone can do for your driving?  

Download our free try before you buy DrivePlus App now and start understanding your driving score. When you’ve recorded 200 miles, the app will give you a DrivePlus code. Using this code you could get up to 10% off your DrivePlus policy (minimum premium applies) based on and how well you’ve driven.