Multi-car insurance discount

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What's multi-car insurance discount?

If you've got more than one car to insure at the same address, you could save yourself some money on every additional policy you take out with us.

Think of it as a multi-policy discount. The more policies you take out with us, the more discount you’ll get.

Introductory discount - Discounts are subject to a minimum premium. Online you can buy a maximum of 4 car policies per household, and over the phone 10 cars per household.

What are the benefits of multi-car insurance discount?

Here are some of the benefits of keeping you policies separate, instead of combining them into one policy like standard multi-car insurance:

  • No Claim Discount (NCD): This will not have an impact on other vehicles in the household. So if one of you has an accident or makes a claim on one car, the NCD on the other vehicles won't be affected.
  • Renewal date preserved: Every car you insure has its own policy start date and renewal date, so there's no need to worry about the expense of them all being renewed at the same time.
  • View your discounts before purchasing: By adding one car at a time to your policy, you can keep an eye on the money you’ll be saving before purchasing.
  • Register online: All policyholders can register their account and view their documents online.

How do you get your multi-car insurance discount?

To save money on your insurance, start by getting a single quote. Then get quotes on any other cars registered at the same address.

Already a customer?

If you already have a car insured with Direct Line, you can get a multi-car discount on any other vehicles registered to the same address. Just add your policy details when prompted.

Get a Quote

New customer?

Start your multi-car discount journey by getting a quote for your first car. Then just add the others one at a time to see the discounts.

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Things you need to know about Over 50s life insurance:
Premiums stop after your 90th birthday but you still enjoy cover for the rest of your life. In the first year, if you die from natural causes we will refund any premiums, or if you die as a result of an accident, we will pay your cash sum. After the first year regardless of the cause of death we will pay your cash sum. Depending on how long you live, the total sum paid in premiums may be more than the cash sum payable on death. If you stop paying your premiums before the end of your policy your cover will stop 30 days after your missed premium and you won’t get anything back. This isn’t a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made. Inflation will reduce the buying power of your cash sum in the future.

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