Heavy rain and surface water are major risk factors for aquaplaning.

This is when the tread of the tyres can’t disperse the water quickly enough so the car ‘floats’ on a layer of liquid, taking control away from the driver. So how do you deal with it?

  1. As soon as you feel you’re losing control, don’t panic. Keep your driving inputs smooth and to a minimum.
  2. Don’t hit the brakes: this will cause you to skid uncontrollably.
  3. Don’t adjust the steering either: when the tyres grip tarmac again this will cause you to spear off uncontrollably, possibly in a direction you don’t want to go in.
  4. Keep the steering following the road and let the car slow down naturally by easing your foot off the accelerator.

If you can, avoid aquaplaning completely by staying focused on the road ahead and seeing the danger in advance. Slowing down before you hit standing water will give your tyres a better chance of dispersing it.

But if you can’t avoid aquaplaning from happening, follow our tips and you’ll regain control of the car within seconds.