Scores & Points

How is my score calculated?
We use your GPS data to rate your driving skills. We look at things such as your speed compared to others on the road and how smoothly you drive. Then we do some clever maths to create your score.
How are my points calculated?
We multiply your score by the number of miles you have driven. Simple.

How are the different elements of my driving scored?

We look at other road users (customers with a black box or an app insurance product underwritten by U K Insurance limited) who drive on the same roads as you, then compare your speed to theirs.
So drive at the same speed as the average Joe and you’ll score well.
Smooth Driving
Accelerating and braking smoothly is the name of the game here. Drive with a lead foot and your score will plummet.
Road Risk component
Not all roads are created equal, we look for crash hotspots and dangerous layouts on your journey.
Time of Day component
Some times of day are more dangerous to be driving, especially late at night, early in the morning and at rush-hour.
So pass on those 2am joy rides if you can.
Length of journey component
Over long journeys your concentration drops, you get tired and you’re more likely to crash.
Road trips can be fun. Sure. But take regular breaks if you want a good score.
How are my component scores combined?
We won’t get into the maths. It’s complicated. All you need to know is that some things are more important than others. Curb your speed and drive smooth to have the biggest impact.
Why did I not receive points for my journey?
There could be a few reasons – It may be that your GPS wasn’t switched on or that your journey was too short. It may be that we don’t think your journey was made in a car and have marked it as another form of transport (you can change this within 72 hours of your journey if you disagree). It could also be that your journey is so bad we’d consider it dangerous, and you won’t earn any points for that.
How can I improve my score?
Follow the feedback provided on the app’s dashboard


How do I earn rewards?
Good Driving = More Points = More Rewards
What kind of rewards can I get?
Check out to see what might be up for grabs.
How long are my rewards valid for?
Each reward will be different, so before you choose which reward you want, check how long you’ll have to use it.
How do I redeem my rewards?
Each reward will be different, so check how you redeem each one in the rewards section.
Can I change my chosen reward?
No. Once you’ve chosen your reward, there’s no going back. Check carefully before you choose.
Why have the rewards offered changed?
Some rewards are only available for a short amount of time and we change the rewards regularly. Keep checking in.
Why can I not redeem my reward?
Check your internet connection. Any other issues, contact us.
Can I change a reward that has expired?
No, sorry! Once a reward has been selected, you can’t change it.
Who do I contact if there’s a problem with my reward?
Contact us at and we’ll try and fix any problems.


How do I join the leaderboard?
Go to the leaderboards section, choose a username add a picture if you like and you’re good to go.
Can I remove myself from the leaderboard?
Yes. Go to the leaderboard profile section and select ‘opt-out of leaderboard’.
You’ll lose your leaderboard friends list though. So not worth pressing just to see what happens.
Can I change my profile picture?
Yes, simply upload a new picture in the leaderboard profile section.
How do I add/remove friends?
Go to Leaderboard, select the friends leaderboard, and use the search function by typing in your friend’s username or part of it. If you decide the friendship is over, simply swipe left and press delete.
What data is shared and how can I see it?
Other users of Shotgun can see your username, miles driven, score and profile picture.
Where can I report inappropriate behaviour?
Why has my account been blocked?
We may block accounts that show inappropriate or abusive behaviour. Keep it clean.

Journeys and journey tagging

The journey that’s been recorded wasn’t me driving, or wasn’t in a car – how can I change this?
You can change it up to 72 hours after the journey was uploaded. Go into ‘my journeys’, select the journey you’d like to change and then press ‘edit my journey’. Simply pick one of the pretty icons and you’re done.
What happens to my journey after editing it?
It will be locked to the journey type you have selected.
What journeys count towards my points?
All car journeys where you were driving.
Can I pause my journey tracking?
Yes. Go to Settings and choose ‘pause shotgun’ for up to 1 day. You don’t want that bus driver costing you points, right?
What happens after the 1,000 miles have been driven?
You’re all done. We’ll stop collecting data and you can delete the app.
How does auto start-stop work?
The app automatically detects when you’re driving. You can turn it off in Settings.
Why is my journey not uploading?
You need an internet connection otherwise we won’t know about your journey. We’re not mind readers. Check back when you’ve got a connection.
Why can’t I find my journey?
It might take a few hours to update. Refresh the journey list when you’re next online. Still no luck? Contact us on
My battery is low, what can I do?
The app stops recording when your battery is low.


What data are you going to collect?
We collect your GPS data and any other information you input within the app. For more info check the Terms & Conditions.
What will you do with the data you collect?
Nothing dodgy, we just use it to see how well you’re driving and give you feedback. Oh, there’s also the rewards as well I guess.
Who provides Shotgun?
Sorry. Boring answer. Our lawyers made us do it.
U K Insurance Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 1179980 that underwrites the insurance policies of Direct Line.
Who will be able to view my information?
A small group of U K Insurance Limited staff involved in the project, as well as suppliers who provide a service to the U K Insurance Limited.
Other app users can only see your scores if you opted into leaderboards.
Will my information be shared with other organisations?
No information which identifies you will be shared with organisations outside U K Insurance Limited and their approved suppliers.
Will my information be shared with the police?
We’ll only share data with the police or other agencies if they have obtained a court order.
How secure is my driving data?
All data, transferred between us and our suppliers, has the highest level of security and we make sure our partners have the same level of security.


What happens if I break the speed limit?
The app doesn’t measure you against speed limits. But you shouldn’t speed anyway. So don’t.
How much data will the app use?
You can stop Shotgun using your data allowance by setting the data transmission to WiFi only in the ‘more’ section. Though for a typical day’s journey of 1 hour each way at 28mph, roughly 4.2MB of data will be used, which is the size of an average digital photo. Costs will vary by network, but will typically be covered by many contracts.
Will the app drain my battery?
The app will use some extra juice, but when your battery gets low it switches itself off.
How do I reset my password?
Press ‘forgot password’ on the log-in screen and enter your email address, hit ‘send’. Check your emails and use the 4 digit code to reset your password.