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If you bought a Direct Line Life Insurance policy before 6 July 2011 these polices are now with Countrywide Assured.
For claims or anything else in relation to these policies, please call 0345 3000 144.
We're here Monday to Friday 9am ‐ 5pm.
Calls may be monitored and recorded. Call charges will vary.

Making a claim will come at a difficult time for you and your family. So we’ve made the process simple. This means when making a claim, you’ll be able to talk to one of Legal & General’s claims experts. They’re understanding and experienced professionals ‐ In fact they're trained by The Samaritans.

If it’s a life claim what we’ll need from you are:

The name of the person who has died

A death certificate

Date of death and contact details

If you don’t have the original policy document or we need more information, our staff will explain the extra steps we need to take.

For our life insurance, in the event of your death, the payment will go to:

Your spouse/partner if you have a joint policy with them.

Your estate, unless you’ve let us know that you want the payment to go to a trust.

A trust, which is a legal arrangement that allows you to give away your assets immediately, without losing your control. This way you specify who you want to be a beneficiary and who you want to look after and control the proceeds (the trustees) in the event of your death. You must make sure the trust you choose meets your needs. 

For our Over 50s life insurance

If you don’t specify to whom the money will go when you die, it’ll automatically be paid to your estate.

If you have chosen the Funeral Benefit Option the cash lump sum will be paid directly to Dignity. This means that an experienced Dignity funeral provider will use the money towards your funeral expenses when the time comes.

Or you can help take control of your family’s financial security by placing the policy in trust.

Remember, always keep your policy documents safe, and think about telling your intended beneficiaries that this policy has been purchased ‐ in case a claim needs to be made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Terminal Illness Cover and Critical Illness Cover?

Terminal Illness Cover is included at no extra cost in all of our life insurance policies with a term of 2 years or more. You can claim for Terminal Illness Cover if your life expectancy is 12 months or less and you meet the policy definition. This cover is not available in the last 12 months of your policy.

Critical Illness Cover can be added at extra cost when you take out a life insurance policy. It’s designed to pay out if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions covered. These are specified in the policy and include some forms of cancer, heart attack and stroke.

What critical illnesses are covered under Critical Illness Cover?

You can find a complete list in The Guide to Critical Illness cover.

What if I need to make a change to my policy?

You can make changes to our policies, like:

  • Changing the term of your policy
  • Increasing or decreasing your cover amount
  • Changing between monthly and annual premiums
  • Removing someone from a joint policy when cover is no longer required for them
  • Splitting a joint life policy into two single life policies in the event of divorce, dissolution of a registered civil partnership, or taking out a mortgage in the name of one person on the policy.
  • Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please read the policy terms and conditions or contact us.

What is ‘Terminal Illness Cover’?

BA terminal illness is one that has no known cure or has progressed to a point where it cannot be cured and is expected to lead to death within 12 months. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness your policy will pay out the full amount of cover and the policy will end. Terminal Illness Cover is automatically included in your policy at no extra charge, but does not apply in the last 12 months of the policy term.

How much life insurance cover should I get?

You choose how much life insurance to buy. You might want your policy to pay out the value of your mortgage, or a specific lump sum for your dependants, or provide enough to cover both. To help you get an idea of how much cover you might need, take a look at our cover calculator.

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