Electric cars

are the future

The world is making the move to hybrid and electric vehicles, but not everyone feels ready.

Switching to electric will take getting used to, so we want to reduce the reluctance, clear up the confusion, and help drivers feel confident about ditching fossil fuels and shift to plug-in vehicles.


Why Direct Line?

We're always looking further down the road, so want to make sure that you're ready and raring to go electric when the time is right.

With our 5-star rated insurance, a plug-in essentials bundle from Zoom EV and helpful guides to bust common EV myths and demystify the world of electric and hybrid cars, Direct Line has got you covered.

So, whether you call them electric vehicles, EVs, plug-in cars or something else, we're here to make sure you have everything you need to embrace the future of motoring.

Why NOW?

Planet earth

Why NOW?

Sustainability has never been more important, to the public and to the planet.

From COP26 to the Earthshot Prize, steps are being taken to secure the future and tackle the climate crisis.

The global shift away from fossil fuels is touching every part of our lives, including transport. Governments are backing the move, including the UK, where by 2030, new petrol and diesel cars will no longer be sold.

We want to do our part, so that drivers are comfortable and clued-up when it’s time to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

How we’re leading the charge

Our car insurance covers electric cars, and includes:

Battery cover

Home charging cover

Charging cables cover

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Insure your car with Direct Line and get a free Zoom EV bundle, which includes:

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25kWh credit on your Osprey account

Rapid charging, using 100% renewable energy.

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12.5% discount on BP Pulse subscriptions

First month's subscription is free and £9 credit each month for five months for new BP Pulse customers

UK’s largest public charging network with over 9,000 charge points. For new BP Pulse customers only.

QPark logo

20% off pre-booked parking including electric vehicle park

The UK’s greenest car park operator offer nationwide parking and many locations are fitted with EV chargers. You’ll be able to use your Plugsurfing charging key and BP Pulse subscription, too.

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12% off community charging sessions in the first three months

Charger Sharing is a community-led approach that helps people without a home charger. People without a charger are matched with neighbours who do via an app.

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15% off charging cables and more in Green Flag’s shop

This breakdown cover provider’s online shop offers a selection of useful car-related products, including a great range of EV charging cables.

The Zoom EV bundle is available to new Direct Line customers and existing customers at renewal. Zoom EV provides each bundle for 12 months from when you create and activate a valid Zoom EV account. The bundle is subject to change.

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The future is electric with Direct Line