Home Appliance Insurance

Most homes these days are packed with gadgets and appliances. From washing machine/tumble dryers to dishwashers and PCs to home entertainment systems, the list is endless. But with so many time-saving or labour-saving devices in our homes, are you adequately insured in case things go wrong?

To help you work out how much contents cover you need for your home appliances, you can use our home contents calculator. Then check our policy documents and you’ll find Direct Line’s home contents insurance insures on a new-for-old basis. This means that if you do need a replacement item, you don’t have to haggle over the value; as long as you are covered, your claim will enable you to replace a damaged appliance (subject to any excess on your policy).

Individual valuables only need to be specified if they are worth more than £2,000 (if you do have items that fall into this category, please call us). Home appliances are often bulky and difficult to transport, which is why we will arrange delivery of replacement items direct to your door wherever possible.

The policy covers damage caused by fire, smoke, lightning, theft, flood and escape of water or oil. We also include cover for the loss of the contents of your freezer.

You can get a home insurance quote online right now.