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Multi Car Insurance

With Direct Line’s multi-car discounts, we help you save money when you and your family have more than one car in the household.

Multi-car discount with Direct Line comes with…

  • Uninsured Driver Promise
    With comprehensive cover, if you're hit by an uninsured driver, we'll cover your excess and your No Claim Discount won't be affected. If it's not your fault, we won't leave you out of pocket
  • Named driver No Claim Discount
    We reward you for responsible driving
  • Vandalism Cover
    We know you can't always protect your cars from vandals – so our Vandalism cover comes as standard and preserves your No Claim Discount. (comprehensive cover)
  • Repairs guaranteed for 5 years. Parts guaranteed for 3 years
    We guarantee repairs and parts to your car at our approved repairers
  • UK Emergency helpline available around the clock
  • Returned to you, cleaned inside and out
    After we repair your car, we return it to you nice and clean (at approved repairers)

Anybody in the same home is eligible for a discount on their vehicles. And you don’t need to wait until insuring the second car to get a discount.

We also offer a matched No Claim Discount as part of our multi-car discounts deal. If you're the only person insured on your policy and you purchase a second car that will only be driven by you, we'll apply the number of claim-free years on your first car to a second or subsequent policy you take out with us. A subsequent No Claim Discount is then applied to a second or subsequent policy dependent on these years.

How to apply for our Direct Line multi-car discount

You can benefit from our multi-car discount whether you're a new or existing Direct Line customer.

If you already hold a Direct Line car insurance policy and wish to add a second policy to qualify, you can get a quote online. If you're a new customer and would like to get a quote for two cars at the same time, why not give us a call us on 0845 246 3273.