Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Last updated: 7th April 2020

Please be aware we can only accept new business online. With the exception of life insurance, customers can’t currently buy insurance over the phone.

Existing customers: We’re ready and able to help, but at times we can be busy. Please bear with us.

Use our virtual assistant if you have questions about your renewal or want to make a change to your policy. If your policy is due to renew in the next week and you haven’t opted for auto-renewal, please call us. If you have opted for auto-renewal, check your insurance still meets your needs, you don't need to contact us in order to renew.

Customers who can’t pay now as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, call us - we want to help you.

For frequently asked questions about COVID-19, go to our Coronavirus help and support page.

Solving problems is what we do. Our goal is to put you first and fix problems faster and better than anyone else… even cyborg cops, alien robots and mutant turtles.

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From Detroit to Durham, he serves the public trust, protects the innocent and upholds the law. Can be a bit distant though.

Thirst for justice 100
Weaponry 100
People skills 11
On-it factor 70

Wendy has two cats and loves reading autobiographies. She is a people-person and has no metal plating to speak of.

Thirst for justice 64
Weaponry 31
People skills 88
On-it factor 100

Stand down, Murphy

When it comes to fighting crime and foiling ED-209, RoboCop has got it sewn up.

Handling insurance claims though? That just isn't in his programming. RoboCop can't compete with Direct Line; we're on it.

Business insurance covers

Business tech essentials

Stolen laptop? Damaged mobile? We'll cover the essential tech needed to run your business.

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Public liability

If someone is harmed or their property is damaged because of your business, we'll cover your legal and compensation costs.

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Professional indemnity

We'll cover you if a client accuses you of negligence and makes a claim against your business.

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