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Honesty map of Great Britain

10th November 2010

  • West Midlands is the most straight talking region
  • Where to go if you want a straight answer and where people will lie to keep the peace

Brits might pride themselves on being straight talkers, but it seems that their attitudes to honesty may well depend on which part of the country they are from,according to findings from the ‘Straight Talking Report’ from Direct Line car insurance specialist.

Our approach to the truth, including when and why we will bend it, varies from place to place. For example, Londoners can be straight talking about sartorial slip-ups, the Welsh admit to sometimes making people cry due to their bluntness and the Scots tend to steer clear of the truth to avoid conflict.

Honesty map of Great Britain


1 = most straight talking region, 11 = least straight talking region

1.  West Midlands
2.  South West
3.   East Midlands
4.   Yorkshire and Humberside
5.   East of England
6.  Scotland
7.   North West
8.   London
9.   North East
10.   South East
11.  Wales

Matt Owen, spokesperson for Direct Line, comments: “It’s fascinating to see how people’s stance on the truth varies from place to place. Traditionally straight talking Yorkshiremen have been pipped to the honesty post by West Midlanders, and the friendly Welsh are at the bottom of the table. When you look into how and when people will bend the truth, it’s clear that each region has its own attitude towards straight talking, as unique as regional accents or customs.”

To help give people a steer on where to go to get an honest answer on everything from their cooking skills to their relationships, Direct Line has created an Honesty Map of Great Britain to give Brits a guide to regional attitudes towards straight talking.

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Notes to editors

About the research

*Opinium Research carried out an online poll of 2,012 British adults from 3rd to 7th June 2010.

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