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Working together to help those affected by flooding

6th December 2012

With parts of the UK affected by major flooding this November, our teams are working longer hours, with extra staff on duty to help our customers get back into their homes and get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. Our Severe Weather Response Team has been visiting one of the worst affected areas in St Asaph and the surrounding areas in Wales, to help us reach more customers.

We talked to Alfred & Yvonne Kelly who were affected during the summer when the River Axe burst its banks

A month's rain in 24 hours is a scary prospect. For Alfred & Yvonne Kelly, 85 and 78 years old, it was a horrific experience. The River Axe burst its banks, flooding their kitchen and leaving them cut off from the surrounding area. From the initial call to Direct Line Home Claims through to the arrival of the disaster recovery team, the support from Direct Line's team helped them make the best of a difficult situation.

Yvonne explained.. “the minute our house flooded, I rang Direct Line and scared the lifeout of them when I told them the water was travelling up my legs. The lady on the telephone was very helpful and, in no time, someone was on their way to see us.”

Joanne Searle, the Area Manager for the local team of Property Insurance Advisers, arrived a few hours later – “as soon as we started getting calls from customers about therain in the South West, I jumped in my car. When I arrived in the area near Axminster tosee the Kellys, I couldn't believe my eyes. The water was almost 2 metres above the roadlevel, and although I could see the house, I couldn't get to it. The phone lines were downand when we eventually got in touch with them via a mobile, they reassured us they werealright and keen to stay put. I arranged to return in the morning.”

The next day was very different story – the sun was shining and the water had started to go down.
“Joanne made it into the house at 9.30am and couldn't have moved faster” says Yvonne. “We started tidying up straight away. The disaster recovery people were with us just 2 hours later, with dehumidifiers in place by the afternoon. Within 24 hours the place had started to dry. The service we got was absolutely wonderful”.

Direct Line

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