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Weathering the storm

12th September 2011

Direct Line gives households advice to protect their home from wind

With the windy weather due to cause havoc across the UK, especially in Scotland and the Midlands, Direct Line is warning householders to keep their homes in good repair. With wind storms being forecast, it is essential to take action now.

Rob Warner, head of risk modelling at Direct Line home insurance, comments: “Nearly half of all weather related claims are due to roof damage. If you can safely check your roof yourself before the wind is too strong, ensure there are no loose tiles. If you are unable to, ask a neighbour or a family member or friend.

“Gates, garage and shed doors are also common claims. Keep these closed and locked when not in use. This will not only prevent the wind blowing them off the hinges, it is good practice to keep your property secure to avoid an opportunist burglary.”

Householders cannot control the weather, but there are steps they can take to protect their homes in the windy weather. Direct Line has the following tips:

  • Clear all the leaves and moss from the guttering to stop it over-flowing
  • Check any flat roof areas for damage or wear and tear
  • Make sure that all trees near the property are trimmed to prevent dead branches falling on the property
  • Secure garden furniture and decorations. Store fragile items in the shed or garage

What should I get from the shop before the storm strikes?
Direct Line advises householders to be prepared. Ensure your home has:

  • Candles
  • Plastic sheets/tarpaulin for temporary fixes
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Batteries
  • Torch
  • Long life milk
  • Bottled water
  • Bread for the freezer
  • Parents with young children should make sure they have extra baby food/nappies etc.

If a wind storm does strike:

  • Get in touch with the insurer as soon as possible. Direct Line will usually pay for all emergency repairs that need to be carried out to stop the damage getting worse.
  • Take photographs of all parts of the home damaged as a result of storms. It may help with the settlement of claims.
  • Use a plastic sheet or tarpaulin to temporarily repair storm-damaged roofs.

Notes to editors

For further information please contact:

Claire Foster
PR Manager
Direct Line
020 8285 8682
07900 217 264

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