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Remember, remember the 5th of November – to lock up your house

2nd November 2011

With so many householders out at local fireworks displays, few will realise that they are leaving their homes vulnerable on one of the most prolific nights in the calendar for burglars. Experts at Direct Line analysed claims data which revealed that there were 33 per cent more theft claims on Bonfire night in 2010 compared to 5th November 2009.

Stuart Curson, head of Direct Line home insurance, is urging firework fans to lock up their homes: “It is easy to understand why Bonfire Night is an open invitation for burglars. With homeowners out attending organised displays, or even just in the back garden, the noise and dark nights provide the perfect cover for thieves. Our statistics show that evening celebrations do tend to encourage burglars to try their luck, so homeowners should plan their home security accordingly.”

Curson continues: “It is a double blow for householders this week as every year since 2007, Halloween has the highest number of vandalism claims. Trick or treaters spell disaster for homes, as tradition and fun can often get out of hand, resulting in considerable damage to property and vehicles.”

Direct Line has provided the following tips to help keep homes safe this Bonfire Night:

  • Make sure your home looks occupied if you are out. Invest in some automatic time switches to activate lights and/or radios
  • Outdoor security lights are an effective deterrent
  • Ensure all external doors and windows are closed and locked if possible. Take this precaution even if you are outside in the back garden using fireworks.
  • Do not leave ladders, tools or gardening implements where they could be spotted by burglars and used to help them break in. Keep them in sheds and make sure adequate locks are fitted
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