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Rachel Greene-Taylor
Written by: Rachel Greene-Taylor
Posted on: 1 October 2015

Being a kid is easy. Being a parent is hard.

Sure, it’s fun, but when you’re commuting to work on four hours sleep, or you have to keep taking the temperature of your poorly tot, sometimes you wish it were a bit easier, right?

Well, that’s where these handy gadgets come in. To make the best job in the world, run a little smoother.

Samsung Smart Home Camera

If you want to check in on your kids throughout the day, then the Samsung Smart Home Camera might be what you’re looking for.

The high-definition full-colour camera sends a feed to your smart phone, PC or Mac via wifi. You can monitor your kids day and night with the infra-red technology, and the microphone/speaker feature means you can listen in, and send messages too.
RRP: £99.99

These handy gadgets can make the best job in the world run a little smoother

mamaRoo Swing

Ever feel like you rock your baby until your arms ache to no avail— then as soon as you pop them in the car, they drift off in minutes? Save yourself time (and petrol money) with the mamaRoo.

This handy chair swings, rocks and sways — and it has a ‘car ride’ mode. Genius. And all these movements are controlled by an app on your smartphone.
RRP: £239.99

mamaRoo Swing

mamaRoo Swing


This nifty gadget helps you stay in contact with your little people, no matter where you are.

Once you’ve connected to the wifi network and downloaded the app, all you have to do is speak into your phone. One of five cute characters then delivers your message either in your voice, or a funny one, no matter where you are in the world.
RRP: £49.99


This product takes the standard dummy, and brings it into the 21st century.

The teat has a built in sensor that takes your baby’s temperature, and sends it via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The app then time-stamps and plots the temperatures into a graph, so parents can keep track of medicine dosages and set-up reminders. On top of all that, the dummy also has a vibrate function activated by your mobile for when it gets lost in the sofa, or buried in the cot.
RRP: £42.00



nio Tag

Toddlers can be unpredictable creatures. In two seconds they can make a dash for it, with the sudden speed of an Olympic sprinter, and vanish. But, with the nio Tag, you never have to feel that panic again.

The smart Bluetooth device attaches to your kids so you can find them, quickly. It even has an alert for when they move outside your designated distance (up to 50 metres).

But don’t use it for hide and seek – using tech to cheat against a child is even worse than peeking through your fingers!
RRP: £39.99

Snuza Baby Movement Monitor

If you repeatedly sneak into your baby’s bedroom in the middle of the night just to check, you’re not alone.

If this sounds like you, then say ‘hello’ to the Snuza Baby Movement Monitor, which has been designed to monitor your baby's movement. All you do is clip the device onto her nappy near her tummy, and if there's no movement for 15 seconds, an alarm will sound. It will help you relax, and catch up on some much-needed sleep.
RRP: £79.95

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