Summer games to buy for your garden

Rachel Greene-Taylor
Written by: Rachel Greene-Taylor
Posted on: 30 June 2016

So you’ve scoffed a sausage or five and the BBQ embers are dying out… what’s next?

If you don’t want your summer party to turn into an afternoon snooze, maybe a garden game or two is what you need.

Here’s our selection to keep everyone entertained…

1. Molkky

Molkky pieces

Molkky pieces

Invented in Finland, Molkky is a fun twist on your average game of skittles.

There are two ways to play. Firstly, knock down as many skittles as possible, getting a point for each one. Or knock one down, and get the number of points shown on the skittle itself.

Check out the Molkky rules if you need a hand on how to set up and play.

2. Jenga

Who doesn’t love a game of Jenga?

Whether you buy the giant or classic edition, Jenga keeps everyone entertained. Although, adults may see the tower tumbling quicker than usual if they’ve been sipping on Pimms all afternoon.

3. Giant noughts and crosses

Giant noughts and crosses

Giant noughts and crosses

Forget scribbling the grid down on a piece of paper – that’s so 1990. This game of noughts and crosses brings the game to life in a big way.

Who’s going to win the battle for the middle box? Who’s going to be noughts and crosses champion? It’s game on.

4. Swingball

Kids playing Swingball

Kids playing Swingball

Swingball is a simple game that almost anyone can play, and has been around since forever (well, the early 1900s according to Wikipedia).

Use it to practice your forehand and your backhand – although, this isn’t the place to perfect your serve.

5. Limbo

Always better with some music, limbo will get your competitive juices flowing. Just remember to stretch first, or you’ll wake up the next day with a stiff back as well as a sore head.

Remember, if anything touches the ground other than your feet, then you’re out. Simple!

6. Ladder golf

Ladder golf game

Ladder golf game

Compared to the other games on our list, ladder golf is probably the least well–known — but it is definitely one of the most fun. And its greatness lies in its simplicity.

Each team gets three bolas (a piece of string with a ball at either end). The player then has to throw the bola so it wraps around, and stays, on one of the ladder steps.

Check out the rules for ladder golf before you start playing.

7. Croquet

Croquet is a classic game that kids and adults can enjoy equally, and you can play as competitively as you like.

Smack the ball through the hoop until you ‘peg out’. If that’s a bit vague, here’s a more detailed set of croquet instructions.

There are loads more garden games available to liven up a sunny afternoon, but hopefully our picks will keep your party buzzing well into the summer evenings.

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