For both level and decreasing term

Terminal illness insurance is automatically included, and could payout the full amount of insurance when life expectancy is less than 12 months.

The policy can be changed to suit your needs. Subject to terms & conditions.

In the event of a valid claim on death, the payment will go to your estate, or your spouse/partner if you have a joint policy with them.

We also work with Winston's Wish, the charity for bereaved children. If you were to die or be diagnosed with a terminal illness, we'll help your family get the support they need.

No cancellation charges.

Placing a policy in a trust

Once you've bought your policy, you can place it into a trust. This ensures any payouts are in accordance with your wishes.

A trust is a legal arrangement. It allows you to transfer ownership of your life insurance to another person or company. It can also help prevent your loved ones paying inheritance tax and speed up payments to your chosen beneficiaries.

Unsure about whether you need a trust? We recommend speaking to a legal expert or visiting the government website for more information: