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At Direct Line, we know the bills still need to be paid during difficult times. If you take out a Life Insurance policy, provided by Legal & General, you could be entitled to an Early Days Advance Payment. Whether it’s for a critical illness or end of life claim, Direct Line could give your family the financial support they need during hard times.

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What is the Early Days Advance Payment?

The Early Days Advance Payment is available on any Life Insurance or Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover policy at Direct Line, and is paid when a valid claim is still being assessed. It offers some financial support for when times are tough, helping to pay for any daily bills or expenses.

How much am I entitled to?

The payment is for up to £5,000. If you make a valid claim and our team needs to spend a little longer verifying all the details, we’ll give you the tax-free lump sum.

Please note: If the amount of cover on your policy is less than £5,000, we’ll pay out that lower amount, and there’s only one payment per customer regardless of how many policies are held.

What can I use the money on?

Your Early Days Advance Payment can be used as you wish, for example:

  • Mortgage or rental payments

Unfortunately, mortgage and rental fees don’t automatically stop during bereavement. If you lose a loved one, you’ll need to continue paying, although it may be possible to arrange a payment holiday with your mortgage lender.

  • Loan or credit card repayments

The same applies to any debts or cards you need to pay off. While waiting for the full claim to be assessed, an Early Days Advance Payment could help cover the period in between.

  • Food

Even the essentials such as food can be difficult to afford during a time of bereavement. Caring for yourself and your family is never more important than at this time.

  • Childcare

Childcare costs can be very expensive. An early payout on your life insurance claim could help provide valuable money for this.

  • Hospital bills

You could be paying for private treatment of a critical or terminal illness. While we’re assessing the claim, any hospital bills will need to be paid.

  • Funeral expenses

An early payout may help your family contribute to the funds needed to arrange a funeral.

Of course, there are many more things your early payout could be used for.

Will I need to pay back the money?

We’ll never ask you to repay the money – so don’t worry. This applies even if the full claim is unsuccessful.

How our Early Days Advance Payment works – three easy steps

Claiming your early payment from Direct Line couldn’t be easier. There are three simple steps:

When a claim is made, we’ll check it meets the policy terms to see whether we can pay the full amount of cover. If we need to assess the claim further, we’ll make an Early Days Advance Payment.

An Early Days Advance Payment is £5,000 unless your amount of cover is lower, in which case we’ll pay the lower amount.

We’ll then continue assessing your claim. Assuming everything is OK, we’ll be able to pay your remaining amount of cover. If the claim is unsuccessful, we won’t ask for the Early Days Advance Payment back.

Important things to know

If you didn’t let us know about any information we asked for during your time of application, or what you did provide us was incorrect, we’ll be unable to make an Early Days Advance Payment.

Make sure you fill in the application carefully, and call us if you have any questions.