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Cover options

Not all home insurance policies are the same. Direct Line offers unlimited buildings insurance if you take out our Home Insurance Plus policy, and up to £100,000 contents insurance as standard. There are also a number of optional extras that we can provide if you need.

Buildings Insurance

With Direct Line buildings cover, you can protect the structure of your home, roofs, walls, plus permanent fixtures like kitchens and bathrooms.

Discover more about Direct Line buildings insurance.

Contents Insurance

Direct Line offers up to £50,000 contents insurance cover as standard along with other benefits.

Discover more about Direct Line contents insurance.

Home Response 24

Find out more about our Home Response 24 product, and get a quote for Standard cover or Total Response cover.

Landlord Insurance

Find out more about Landlord Insurance from Direct Line.

Optional Extras

If you require additional levels of cover, you can tailor your cover with our optional extras for an additional premium for each item. We offer cover for accidental damage, personal possessions including bicycles, Family Legal Protection and home emergency cover.

Discover more about our home insurance optional extras.