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What is Onward Travel?

Direct Line are the only insurers who will get you a taxi to continue your journey, if you can’t drive your car after an accident. And recover your car.

How do we compare?

Based on a non-driveable scenario and with vehicle recovered after an accident

Your no claim discount is safe if damage is caused by the following Direct Line MoreThan Aviva Admiral
Passenger transport offered after accident
Taxi booked and paid for by insurer, to home or original destination 24/7, 365 days a year
Transport of insurer's choice
No conditions or mileage limits (within UK)
Non stated

Non stated
Includes all passengers, pets and belongings
Driver and 8 passengers max

Driver and passengers

Source: This information is based on data sourced from policy booklets, insurer's website, mystery shopping and Defaqto data 2017. Data correct as of 7th February 2017 for new customers.

Frequently asked questions

When an eligible customer calls to report an insured incident that requires an immediate recovery they will be offered a taxi. Our breakdown provider, Green Flag, will book the taxi using national taxi network TMS.

This service is available to all customers within the UK - there are no mileage limitations. The only limitation is that we won't put a taxi on a ferry if the customer is travelling to or from an island. If you were planning to take your car on a ferry, one taxi will take you to the ferry, and another will pick you up on the other side. (See article on exceptions.)

The taxi service is to one UK destination only. If you choose to go to a UK destination where you require return transportation, it will be your responsibility to make your own return journey arrangements.

If you tell us your car isn’t driveable or you aren’t comfortable driving it and therefore require immediate recovery for your car you will be eligible for a taxi to a UK destination.