First car, first love winner announced

Mike Shaw
Written by: Mike Shaw
Posted on: 10 August 2016

Earlier this year, we asked for stories about your first cars as part of a competition we called First car, first love.

Our judging panel would then choose one entry, with Direct Line attempting to track down the car in order to reunite driver and vehicle.

We had many, many more entries than we ever could’ve imagined (here are 10 of our favourites), and after a tortuous judging process, we’ve chosen a winner: Ali Campbell, and her Nissan Figaro, named Mozart.

"First car first love winner Ali Campbell"

"First car first love winner Ali Campbell"

Ali is 37 years old, lives in London and works in media, performing music on the side. Here’s her entry:

"I used to be a professional musician (which is why I called my car Mozart!) playing at weddings and events - my lovely Figaro helped me to scoot around country churches and hotels with my string quartet. Mozart wasn't very big inside so the cello had to poke out of the window. The only problem was that it kept breaking down, I was never quite sure if I was going to make it to the church on time to play the bride down the aisle… we had a lot of near misses!"

When we told Alison she’d won, she said: “Are you serious?! That’s amazing news! I can’t believe it."

Unfortunately, Mozart met an unfortunate end on the scrap heap, so our team are now on a mission to find a lookalike, but that doesn’t seem to have diminished Ali’s excitement.

And it’s easy to see why. With its pastel paintwork, fabric folding roof and leather seats, the Figaro is an attractive car.

The retro-looking Nissan Figaro originally hit Japanese roads in 1991, and imports to the UK started soon after. Demand was high, thanks to its combination of old-fashioned style and modern mechanics.

In fact, the Figaro was never officially sold here. Nonetheless, there are around 4,500 of them on our roads today.

Ali says: “I got the car when I was 22 and had it for two years before its tragic end.”

Well, hold on tight Ali, because Mozart (or a lookalike at least) is coming back to you.

Next up, The Direct Line team are going to track down the right car and set about refurbishing it. No doubt it’ll need a bit of TLC as Figaros are notorious rust-magnets.

Get ready for the Remarriage of Figaro (and Ali).

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