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How you could keep your car insurance costs down

Running a car can be expensive, but while car insurance is a necessity there are things you can do to make it cheaper – not least by getting a great-value quote from Direct Line.

We aim to help make Direct Line car insurance as affordable for you as we can. That’s why we give you the option to choose from several levels of cover and incorporate a number of great deals and discounts. The quick guide below includes more details on these, along with options you can consider to help bring your car insurance premium down further:

Choose from three levels of cover

With Direct Line you can choose from Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Third Party Only. With our comprehensive cover you get the most benefits but the premium will reflect this. Third party only may be the cheapest option with the least benefits but enough cover to satisfy legal requirements. Please call us on 0845 246 8701 if you would like a quote for third party only car insurance.

Take advantage of our great deals

These include an instant discount when you buy our car insurance online. We also give customers a Multi-Car Discount when they insure a second car and these customers can also save on Direct Line breakdown cover.

Drive safely

Driving safely will hopefully ensure that you have fewer accidents. This can help to protect your Direct Line no-claims discount. We also offer Named Driver No Claims Discount (where a named driver on your policy will have their no-claims history taken into account when they take out their own car insurance with us), Matched no-claims discount on a second car (as long as you are the only driver on both cars) and Company Car no-claims discount.

Watch what you drive

When you apply for a car insurance quote we’ll ask you to supply details about you and your vehicle. The car you drive is a major factor when it comes to working out your premium. Some luxury cars or those with bigger engines or a greater security risk will cost you more to insure. You can call us to discuss in more detail the insurance costs of the vehicle you own or are thinking of buying.

Take your Pass Plus test

You could qualify for our Pass Plus Discount a great way for young drivers to keep the cost of their cover down. To find out more, read our Pass Plus Guide, then call our Customer Hotline on 0845 246 8701 for a quote. The Pass Plus Discount is not available online as we do need to check that you meet all criteria.

Amend a saved quote

Once you apply for a quote it’s up to you to confirm the premium that we set for you. If you want to change any of the details that you give us to try and help keep costs down – you want to insure a different car or wait to take your Pass Plus test, for example – then you can simply save the quote and amend it before purchasing the policy.

Apply for a car insurance quote now, however, and you might be surprised by how much you could be saving already with Direct Line.