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Changes to Compulsory Motor Insurance Enforcement

Important information regarding changes to motor insurance law that could affect you

In addition to the offence of using/driving a motor vehicle without Third Party Insurance, the Government has introduced a new offence of keeping a vehicle on a road or a public place without Third Party Insurance.

If vehicle details do not appear as insured on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) the registered keeper will be sent an Insurance Advisory Letter (IAL), unless the vehicle has been declared ‘off road’ by Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Failure to insure a vehicle kept on a road or public place, or to have a vehicle declared SORN, could lead to a fixed penalty fine, vehicle clamping, vehicle seizure or a court prosecution.

How do I ensure my vehicle details appear on the Motor Insurance Database?

Make sure you check whether you need to contact your insurance company to renew your policy, allowing time to complete the renewal before the policy expires.

We offer our customers the option for us to automatically renew their policies. This provides confidence that their vehicles are continuously insured. If you are an existing customer and would like to check whether your policy will automatically renew, please call us. If changing your Insurance requirements (e.g. changes to vehicle, permitted drivers or use of the vehicle) make sure you agree the changes with your insurer before you wish them to take effect. Fully check the details on your renewal invitation and update your insurance company on any changes which have occurred during the policy year

Check your Insurance documents after making any changes to ensure that all details including your registration number(s) are correct (such as making sure the letters/numbers F/S, M/N & O (letter)/0 (zero) are shown accurately) if applying for Insurance or making any amendments by internet, always ensure your details are entered accurately

What have we done to ensure our customers are not affected?

We have identified the possible effects of the offence on our customers and have reviewed and improved our current processes to minimise these effects. We are compliant with the targets set by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) to upload policy and vehicle data to the MID and we send data overnight to ensure that it is updated as efficiently as possible. We have reviewed our processes to identify any possible improvements.

We have contacted our customers to correct any errors where the vehicle registration number we hold on our system is different to the one held by the DVLA.

We have looked at the potential impact on drivers who are unable to declare their vehicle SORN and who are disqualified from driving for medical reasons. Please visit GOV.UK for more information on this new offence.