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Summary of cover

Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and Discoverer policies all cover:

Personal Belongings:

Up to £1,500 per person (£1,000 on Discoverer, single item limit £250. Total valuables limit £250).

Personal Money: Up to £500 per person, cash limit £250 (£100 for children on Single Trip & Discoverer).

Emergency Medical & Travel Expenses Abroad:

Up to £10 million per person.
Cancellation: Up to £5,000 per person (£3,000 for Discoverer).
Pre-paid excursion limit £150.
Curtailment: Up to £5,000 per person (£3,000 for Discoverer).
Pre-paid excursion limit £150.
Personal Accident: Up to £25,000 per person for permanent disability. Up to £10,000 per person for death or total & permanent loss of sight or limb.
Personal Liability: Up to £2 million per policy.
Loss of Passport: Up to £250 per person.
Legal Assistance: Legal expenses up to £50,000 per person.
Disaster Cover: Up to £1,000 per person if you cannot stay in your accommodation because of a disaster.
Airline and End Supplier Failure cover:

Up to £5,000 per person against the liquidation of pre-booked airlines and other end suppliers, such as car hire firms and accommodation suppliers.


Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip policies also cover:

Delayed personal belongings: Up to £100 for any essential personal belongings.
Abandoned journey: Up to £5,000 where journey abandoned after 12 hours delay.
Delayed departure: Up to £200 per person (£20 for the first 12 hours, £10 for each subsequent 12 hours. Additional accommodation and transportation up to £600.
Winter sports cover: Up to 22 days cover (if selected).

Winter sports equipment:

Up to £500 per person for ski equipment, up to £300 per person for replacement hire (£25 per day).
Ski pass and fees: Up to £250 per person (£20 per day).
Piste closure: Up to £200 per person (£20 per day).


An excess of £50 for Annual, £75 for Single Trip and £75 for Discoverer, per person, will be charged on certain claims for personal possessions and money, medical and emergency expenses, loss of passport, cancellation, curtailment and winter sports.

Health status:

As medical cover is such an important part of travel Insurance, you will be asked a few simple questions about the health of all persons covered by the policy. In a few cases we may need to ask you some medical questions.

Full details are available in the policy document.

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