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Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle cover from Direct Line is included as standard in our contents insurance policy when your bicycle is stored at home.

Your bicycle will be covered if it’s damaged by a storm, flood or fire, or if it’s stolen when it’s inside the home.

For cover outside your house you need to add our Personal Possessions cover. This will cover bicycles up to £500 each, and you can add as many as you want.

What if my bicycle costs more than £500?

For bicycles over the set amount on your policy, you need to specify a value up to £2000.

With our Home Insurance Plus policy, any bicycle can be covered up to £1000, so you may find this is the best for you.

Cycle insurance from Direct Line

If your cycle is damaged or stolen we’ll do one of the following:

  • pay the cost of replacing the cycle;
  • replace the cycle;
  • pay the cost of repairing the cycle;
  • make a cash payment which will not be more than the amount it would have cost us to replace the cycle using our own supplier